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Internet is full of info about guitars. Full of info about mastering that awesome skill… That’s great for sure, but most of that info is given by big companies and absolute experts.  Have you ever felt like you cant’t even fully understand the language they use? I have been for sure. Of course… we need absolute experts, but do you know what we also need…?

We need down the earth friendly people who are willing to help you to get started and help you to progress with guitar in easy to understand manner!

Also, when I searched internet in the late 2019 I found out that many guitar sites which offer review are not doing so good job. It was obvious that some people just quickly scim through amazon reviews and after that write their own review based on what they read. And in many cases reviewers won’t even reveal any cons. There is always some cons. There is no perfect guitars out there.  You know why?

They want you to buy that product through their affiliate link. There is nothing wrong about being an affiliate. I’m too. But when people make reviews they should be transparent and reveal all the cons too.

These were the reasons why I started this site (guitaristnextdoor.com).  

My mission on this site is: to help you to get started with guitar playing and make real progress with you hobby.

On this website I create content which helps you to:

  • get started with guitar playing easily
  • step up your game
  • go to the right direction if you want to learn things for free
  • go to the right directions if you are willing to invest in your learning
  • pick the right guitars, amps, pedals and other stuff for you.

And I want to do all of this in easy to understand manner. You know, like you asked advice from the friendly neighbour… the guitarist next door.

I review guitar on this site. But when I do in 90% of time I have tested that specific guitar during my guitar journey(over 10 years). After that I do research online and then I craft my own review.

I reveal cons which I found. I tell why I liked that specific guitar/other guitar product. And then you can make your own decision.

But…who is this guy? Who is behind this site?

My name is Teemu Suomala. I’m a Finnish guy who has been been playing guitar for a little bit over 10 years now. (If you want to see me playing check my Instagram page.) There has been some up’s and down’s in my guitarist path…sometimes months of non-stop playing (plus I slept(not always) and went to school too) and sometimes…not so much playing. I could say that I’m an typical amateur guitarist…

And being an amateur guitarist is not a bad thing. It’s a good thing. Guitar playing is awesome way to spend time.  An awesome hobby. I hope that you feel the same. But being consistent and not giving up is the KEY.  So…

Let me help you with your guitar needs, whatever it is…guitar review, guitar course review, free tutorial, helping you to not give up, answering a specific guitar question, etc…I’ll be your helpful Guitarist Next Door. So without further to do, play the guitar, use this site, contact me if you need any help, and keep rocking my friend!

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Teemu Suomala

PS. If you want to get started with guitar playing, check this guide!

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