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Guitaristnextdoor.com is an independent online publisher that helps people to choose the best gear possible.

We focus on reviewing different guitars, gear, and products. All these reviews are unbiased, honest, and not sponsored.

We also produce how-to guides and answer articles to specific questions.

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Backing up Guitaristnextdoor.com is a combined 82 years of guitar experience.

Our guitar-geek team:

photo reveals the Owner of guitaristnextdoor.com

Teemu Suomala

Founder, Editor, & Gear Testings

Playing guitar since 2009. Mainly focused on electric guitars, although plays acoustic too. Started this blog in January 2020.

photo displays Pranshu, who works as a writer at guitaristnextdoor.com

Pranshu Nigam

Writer & Graphics

Pranshu started playing guitar in 2014 after having playing piano for 10 years.

He’s all about acoustic & classical guitars and jamming around with unusual tunings. He mixes modern percussive fingerstyle technique and Flamenco music into his own playing.

reveals one of the experienced guitar players who write for guitaristnextdoor.com

Author: DL Shepherd

Writing & Gear Testing

Darren has been playing guitar for over 23 years and teaching since High-School. He fronted the metal band Suddenly Silence in the early 2000’s, and also achieved recognition as an award-winning bluegrass guitarist.

A native of southwestern Virginia, and has shared the stage with many big-name acts from various genres. When he is not playing one of his many guitars, he can be found riding his Harley through the mountains of Virginia.

Bands Darren has been part of (click to check out):

2 Minute Warning

Suddenly Silence

Good College Try (editors (Teemu’s) favorite)

Tommy Tompkins Profile Picture 2

Author: Tommy Tompkins

Writer & Graphics

Playing guitar since 2004. Primarily an acoustic guitarist who plays and writes traditional American folk music, with a background in melodic metal and a solid foundation as a bassist.

David Slavkovic Profile picture

Author: David Slavkovic


David has been playing guitar since 1998, David’s main focus back then was hard rock and metal.

With years, his music tastes evolved and he eventually started appreciating all musical styles. Although officially an agricultural engineer, David began writing for Ultimate Guitar in 2017 where he’s currently working as a senior editor.

Our headquarters are located in my home office where I write content, test gear, shoot videos, and stay in contact with my team. And all this is a blast! And the country where all this magic is performed by me is Finland. My team members come from all around the globe.

If you want the founder’s guitar-life story and info about when and why he started this site…well you have been warned. Here it comes:

My name is Teemu Suomala. I’m a Finnish guy who started guitar playing 12 years ago. Here you can see me with my first axe(Greg Bennet Stratocaster) in 2009:

Owner of the Guitaristnextdoor.com playing his first guitar in 2009

I have always loved the music that includes guitar, and the idea that I could play my favorite songs really got me started.

First I learned some riffs on my friend’s guitar and after a year of borrowing friends guitar a little bit too often, my dad bought me my first axe.

It was actually a guitar pack that included a Greg Bennet Stratocaster and Ibanez Toneblaster X 15W amp.

I was soo excited back then, and when we got back home I immediately played a couple of my favorite riffs with it.

In case you are curious, those riffs were Wake Me Up When September Ends- opening riff from Green Day and the main riff of The Kids Aren’t Alright from The Offspring.

I liked my first guitar. It definitely wasn’t the easiest to play, especially with my small beginner hands, but with practice, I started to get the hang off it.

In 2011 it was time for acoustic. I really didn’t have any idea of what kind of acoustic I want and need, so when I walked into the music store, the owner just sold me Yamaha C40 classical guitar.

Here it is:

Owner of the Guitaristnextdoor.com with his first acoustic/classical guitar Yamaha C40

I was really looking for a steel-string acoustic back then, but I really didn’t know anything about guitars so, the music store owner successfully sold me a nylon-strings classical guitar.

But I’m happy with the C40 tho. This wide and thick neck classical has improved my guitar skills and especially the reach over the fretboard more than any steel-string acoustic could.

In 2013, it was time for a new electric guitar. After long research, I decided to buy ESP LTD MH-400 from online without even trying it.

Here is this axe:

Owner of the Guitaristnextdoor.com with his second electric guitar, ESP LTD MH-400

This purchase was great! This is why my opinion is that you really need to do great research before buying a new guitar, but you don’t necessarily need to try it out before buying. It’s a plus, but not a requirement.

I had a lot of fun during my guitar journey, and it’s absolutely still continuing. But, there are a couple of things that didn’t go so well…

1. I didn’t have any real guidance

I tried to find help from the internet in 2009, but I really didn’t find anything that gave me real guidance. Of course I found tabulatures that helped me learn my favorite songs, but I really didn’t know what I should learn first or next…I just bounced around, I didn’t have a direction.

All this caused me to lose my motivation a little bit too often.

2.When I started I didn’t have any idea what kind of gear I needed.

My first guitar choices were not terrible, but I could have made learning a lot easier for me at the same time.

I really didn’t know anything about guitars, I just walked into the music store and the staff or the owner could sell me almost anything.

These 2 are the main reasons why I started this website. Here’s what I want to do with my work:

  • I want to help beginners to get started with the guitar easily and for free(of course, you need to buy the guitar:D).
  • I want to help beginners to maintain their motivation.
  • I want to provide guitar players info about guitar gear, based on my own and teams experience and extensive online research.

Also, when I searched the internet in the late 2019 I found out that many guitar sites which offer reviews are not doing so good job. In many cases reviewers don’t seem to be playing guitar themselves, they are just some outsourced writers that site owners hire work for them cheaply.

And sometimes these reviews won’t reveal any cons. There are rarely any perfect guitars out there. But do you know why some sites do this?

They want you to buy that product through their affiliate link. There is nothing wrong about being an affiliate. I’m too. But when people make reviews they should be transparent and reveal all the cons too. They should not just praise the products.

These are the reasons why I started this site (guitaristnextdoor.com). 

Our mission is to help you to get started with guitar playing and make real progress with your hobby.

On this website, we create content that helps you to:

  • get started with guitar playing easily
  • step up your game
  • go to the right direction if you want to learn things for free
  • go to the right directions if you are willing to invest in your learning
  • pick the right guitars, amps, pedals and other stuff for you.

And I want to do all of this in easy to understand manner. You know, like you asked advice from the friendly neighbor… the guitarist next door.

We review guitars on this site. In 80% of time, I or some from my team has tested that specific guitar. After that, I do research online and then I craft my own review.

We reveal cons which we found. I tell you why I liked that specific guitar/other guitar product. And then you can make your own decision.

Let us help you with your guitar needs, whatever it is…guitar review, guitar course review, free tutorial, helping you to not give up, answering a specific guitar question, etc…we’ll be your helpful Guitarist Next Door.

So without further to do, play the guitar, use this site, shoot a message if you need any help, via the contact form or Linkedin, and keep rocking my friend!

photo of the owner of the guitaristnextdoor.com
guitarist next door signature

Teemu Suomala

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