5 Acoustic Guitars Without Soundhole – Plus 17 Alternatives

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I dove deep into the world of acoustic guitars without soundholes…and you know what? There are not many of them. Also, after research, owning an acoustic without a traditional soundhole started to intrigue me more and more.

I gathered all the acoustics without soundhole I could find in this article. I also listed acoustics that have small soundholes and a couple of Yamaha’s silent guitars. These can provide some of the same effects tonally that acoustics without soundholes can.

Let’s get started with the guitar lists and then I’ll answer some frequently asked questions about acoustic guitars without soundholes!

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5 Acoustic Guitars Without Soundholes

displays Harley Benton Custom Line Nashville Nylon, this guitar doesn't have a soundhole
Harley Benton Custom Line Nashville nylon string guitar is a budget-friendly acoustic without soundholes.

Price symbol meaning:

$= 150-500 Dollars

$$= 551-1050 Dollars

$$$= 1051-1500 Dollars

$$$$= 1501-2000 Dollars

$$$$$= 2001- Dollars

ModelGuitar TypePrice RangeCheck The Latest Price (affiliate links)
Aklot Silent Acoustic GuitarSteel-String$Amazon
Bullfighter Silent Acoustic GuitarSteel-String$Amazon
Harley Benton Custom Line NashvilleNylon-String$Thomann
James Neligan EW3000 CNSteel-String$Thomann
Angel Lopez EC3000CNANylon-String$Thomann

One brand I recommend investigating is Batson Guitars, they have produced a ton of different acoustics without soundholes or with non-traditional soundholes. I didn’t find any new models to be sold anywhere, but the second-hand market seems to have some Batson guitars to offer. Check how Batson Troubadour sounds:

YouTube video

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17 Alternatives to Acoustic Guitars Without Soundholes

Yamaha’s silent guitar line-up is worth checking if you are after unique sounding and looking guitar.

Some Godin’s acoustic guitars have really tiny soundholes. With these guitars you can achieve really similar tone and volume than without soundhole. Personally I prefer acoustics with some kind of soundhole.

Price symbol meaning:

$= 150-500 Dollars

$$= 551-1050 Dollars

$$$= 1051-1500 Dollars

$$$$= 1501-2000 Dollars

$$$$$= 2001- Dollars

If you are interested about Ovation guitars(some Ovations are great alternatives to acoustic guitars without soundhole), check this article I crafted with Darren: 5 Best Ovation Guitars in 2022.

ModelGuitar TypePrice RangeCheck The Latest Price (affiliate links)
Traveler Guitar Escape MK-IIISteel-String/Holes through body$$SweetwaterThomann
Yamaha SLG200S NASteel-String/Silent Guitar$$SweetwaterThomann
Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light EdgeSteel-String/Holes through body$$Sweetwater
Ovation Applause AE44-5SSteel-String/Ovation soundholes$$SweetwaterThomann
Dean Dave Mustaine MakoSteel-String/Scar soundholes$$Guitar Center
Traveler Guitar EscapeNylon-String/Holes through body$$SweetwaterThomann
LAVA ME 2 Relatively Small hole$$AmazonThomann
Washburn Festival EACT42SNylon-String/Small round hole$$Sweetwater
Enya Carbon Fiber Acoustic Electric GuitarSteel-String/Small round hole$$Amazon
Danelectro ’59 Resonator GuitarSteel-String/Resonator$$Sweetwater
Ovation Mod TX MidSteel-String/Ovation soundholes$$Sweetwater
Godin ACS Nylon SlimNylon-String/Tiny holes$$$SweetwaterThomann
Godin A6 Ultra NaturalSteel-String/Hybrid/Tiny holes$$$SweetwaterThomann
Godin A10Steel-String/Tiny holes$$$Thomann
Godin Multiac Grand Concert DeluxeNylon-String/Tiny holes$$$$SweetwaterThomann
Rainsong Concert Series CO-WS1005NSSteel-String/Small round hole$$$$$Guitar Center
Ovation Adamas MD80Steel-String/Small hole$$$$$SweetwaterThomann


How Acoustic Guitars Without Soundhole Sound?

Soundhole has a huge impact on the tone and volume of an acoustic guitar. Without a soundhole, the tone is less open, less bright, and it can sound a bit muted(or even dull). Here’s a video about nylon string acoustic guitar without sound hole (this guitarist is extremely talented with classical guitar):

YouTube video

If you cover the soundhole with a soundhole cover or let’s say, a blanket, you can get some idea of how acoustic guitar without a soundhole sounds like(not the exact same effect). To me, acoustic guitars without holes don’t sound bad and they have some use, but I personally prefer the acoustic to have at least some kind of soundhole.

Who Should Buy An Acoustic Guitar Without A Hole?

If you are after a guitar that is quieter or want to play plugged in, acoustic guitar without a hole can be an excellent option. Also, if you prefer a less bright tone, these guitars might be worth testing. The unique look of them is another thing, acoustic without any holes on it is something special.

But without a soundhole, the acoustic guitar might not be the most versatile instrument and is likely to be quiet. Keep these in mind before buying one.

Why Do Some Guitars Not Have A Hole in Them?

Leaving soundhole out of the equation the tone, sound, and volume of an acoustic guitar can be changed. For example, if you are after a more quiet guitar, leaving the soundhole out is one way to achieve that. Also unique looks and innovation are other reason why some acoustic guitars don’t have a soundhole.

Does An Acoustic Guitar Need A Soundhole?

An acoustic guitar doesn’t need a soundhole in order to make a sound. But if there’s no soundhole, it will affect the sound. And usually, players prefer to have at least some kind of soundhole in their acoustics. It opens up the tone, increases volume, and sound brighter.


We found out that there are not that many acoustic guitars without soundhole available, but there are plenty of alternatives. Acoustics with small holes and even silent acoustic guitars can do the trick for some people. But as we saw, there are still some acoustics without soundhole available.

Personally, I’m looking forward to adding acoustic guitar with a non-traditional soundhole to my collection. Acoustics with F-holes are definitely one of the most interesting options to me.

Hopefully this post helped you out, if you have any questions, just leave a comment.

I wish you all the best and keep rocking!

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