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In the world of acoustic and electric guitars, one brand shines with a unique blend of innovation and artistry – Breedlove Guitars. From their unwavering commitment to sustainability and meticulous craftsmanship to their captivating sound quality, Breedlove has earned a well-deserved reputation among musicians and enthusiasts alike.

Specializing in crafting exquisite acoustic guitars, Breedlove has carved a niche for itself. Whether you are into fingerpicking, flatpicking, strumming chords, or exploring versatile styles like Bluegrass, Breedlove guitars have something exceptional to offer. 

However, as with any important decision, determining whether Breedlove guitars are the perfect match for you hinges on various factors. Your musical preferences, playing style, specific needs, and budget will all play a pivotal role in shaping your guitar choice.

So, are Breedlove guitars any good? 

Quick Answer: Yes, without a doubt, Breedlove Guitars are good guitars. They offer a great blend of innovation, eco-consciousness, and top-notch playability. They might not be best for players who seek more traditional-style acoustic guitars in terms of design and sound.

Prepare to explore the world of Breedlove Guitars, where tradition meets cutting-edge creativity, elevating your musical expression to new heights. To put it simply: Let’s dive deeper!

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A Brief History of Breedlove Guitars

The tale of Breedlove Guitars commenced in 1990 when two visionary guys, Larry Breedlove and Steve Henderson, set out to forge their own path in the world of acoustic guitars. Both Larry and Steve were former employees of Taylor Guitars, and they shared a deep passion for creating instruments that pushed the boundaries of traditional guitar design.

Embracing innovation and ingenuity, Breedlove Guitars quickly made a name for itself by introducing unique body shapes, employing select tonewoods, and creating guitars that were a pleasure to play.

These elements were meticulously crafted to not only enhance the tonal qualities of the guitars but also to elevate the overall playability of their instruments. The result was a harmonious fusion of artistry and engineering, capturing the hearts of musicians worldwide.

In 2010, the journey of Breedlove Guitars took a new turn when the company was acquired by Two Old Hippies, a company owned by Tom Bedell. Under Tom’s stewardship, the legacy of innovation and customization continued, cementing Breedlove’s reputation as a brand that continuously pushed the boundaries of guitar-making.

Headquartered in the serene surroundings of Bend, Oregon, Breedlove Guitars established its home base. Here, a passionate team of around 30 skilled builders came together, pouring their expertise and dedication into handcrafting approximately 2,000 guitars per year. This commitment to artisanal craftsmanship ensures that each Breedlove guitar carries a distinct character, resonating with both the player and the audience.

The journey of Breedlove Guitars is deeply woven into the rich tapestry of guitar-making history. Now, let’s explore the key features that contribute to the allure of Breedlove guitars, making them truly extraordinary instruments.

Features and Benefits of Breedlove Guitars

Breedlove Guitars has made a distinct mark in the guitar industry by offering instruments that go beyond the ordinary. Breedlove Guitars stand out with innovative design elements, sustainably sourced tonewoods, and a variety of guitar pickups, including undersaddle pickups, soundboard transducers, and internal microphones. 

Let’s dive into the standout features that set Breedlove guitars apart from the competition, and explore the array of benefits they offer to musicians seeking reliability, affordability, and exceptional playability. 

1. Body Shapes:

displays Breedlove Oregon Concert CE
Breedlove Oregon Concert CE

Concertina, Concert, and Concerto models cater to different playing styles and preferences. 

  • Concertina Model: The Concertina is a true gem for fingerpicking enthusiasts and players with smaller hands. Its compact yet expressive body size allows for effortless fretting and intricate fingerstyle work. Despite its smaller frame, the Concertina surprises with a remarkably balanced tone and impressive projection, making it perfect for intimate performances and studio recordings.
  • Concert Model: The Concert model strikes a harmonious balance between versatility and tonal excellence. It is designed to cater to various genres and playing techniques. Musicians who choose the Concert can enjoy rich tonal complexity, clear articulation, and a balanced dynamic range. Whether strumming or fingerpicking, the Concert delivers a soulful and expressive playing experience.
  • Concerto Model: As Breedlove’s largest body shape, the Concerto is a force to be reckoned with. Ideal for players who crave a guitar that excels in both strumming and fingerstyle applications, the Concerto offers a robust sound with extended sustain. 

2. Sustainable Tonewoods:

displays Myrtlewood
Myrtlewood is one of the more exotic tonewoods Breedlove uses.
  • Breedlove’s commitment to sustainability shines through their selection of tonewoods.
  • Sourcing from local families and mills when possible, they use eco-friendly woods like myrtlewood, Oregon walnut, and red cedar.
  • Each tonewood contributes to the guitar’s unique tonal signature, making every Breedlove instrument a one-of-a-kind gem.

3. Sound Optimization Process:

  • Breedlove takes sound optimization seriously, utilizing a meticulous process to ensure impeccable resonance and balance.
  • By measuring the frequency response of each piece of wood, they match components to achieve optimal tonal characteristics.
  • This attention to detail results in guitars that produce rich, balanced, and resonant tones across the entire frequency spectrum.

4. Pinless Bridge:

displays a Pinnless acoustic guitar bridge
Pinless bridge of a Takamine guitar.
  • Breedlove’s pinless bridge design offers practical benefits and tonal advantages.
  • By reducing string tension, it eases the process of string changes and maintenance.
  • Improved intonation and sustain are other delightful outcomes of this innovative feature.

For a more comprehensive understanding of acoustic guitar anatomy and how it aligns with the craftsmanship of Breedlove Guitars, you can explore the detailed guide about Anatomy of an Acoustic Guitar.

The Quality of Breedlove Guitars:

displays walnut wood and reveals how it can affect the sound of electric guitar
Walnut is one of the premium materials Breedlove uses on their guitars.

With their unwavering commitment to precision and craftsmanship, Breedlove Guitars consistently produce instruments of remarkable quality. Here’s why musicians entrust their melodies to these extraordinary guitars:

Premium Materials: Each guitar is built using carefully selected, high-quality materials, ensuring durability and reliability.

Expert Craftsmanship: The team of skilled builders in Bend, Oregon, leaves no room for compromise in creating guitars that are masterfully crafted. Their overseas-manufactured cheaper guitars offer great quality, but can’t match the made-in-USA ones.

Benefits for Musicians:

Great Sound Quality: The combination of innovative features and sustainably sourced tonewoods results in a sound that captivates both players and listeners.

Durable Construction: Breedlove guitars are built to withstand the rigors of touring and regular playing, making them reliable companions for the long haul.

Intuitive Design and Playability: Musicians of all skill levels appreciate the effortless playability and comfort that Breedlove guitars offer.

Different Series and Models of Breedlove Guitars

Breedlove Guitars offers an extensive lineup of series and models, each tailored to meet the diverse preferences and demands of musicians. Let’s explore the remarkable range of Breedlove guitars available on the market:

1. The USA Series

Breedlove Premier Concertina CE

Made in Oregon, USA, the USA series embodies the pinnacle of Breedlove craftsmanship, featuring premium tonewoods and exceptional features.

Popular Models:

  • Breedlove Premier Concertina CE: Solid Sitka spruce top, solid East Indian Rosewood back and sides, LR Baggs EAS VTC electronics, and an elegant cutaway for easy access to upper frets. Exceptional playability and tonal balance make it suitable for fingerpickers and players with smaller hands. The price starts at $2,899.
  • Breedlove Oregon Concert CE: Solid Myrtlewood top and myrtlewood back & sides, LR Baggs EAS VTC electronics, and a refined Concert body shape. Delivers a warm, rich sound with impressive sustain. The price starts at $2,599.
  • Breedlove Legacy Concert CE: Solid Sinker Redwood top, solid East Indian Rosewood back and sides, LR Baggs Anthem TRU-Mic electronics, and intricate aesthetic appointments. LR Baggs Anthem TRU-Mic electronics ensure natural and expressive amplified tones. The price starts at $3,899.

2. The Organic Series

Breedlove Organic Wildwood Pro Concert CE

Crafted in China, the Organic series features all-solid tonewoods and eco-friendly finishes, combining sustainability with superb performance.

Popular Models:

  • Breedlove Organic Wildwood Pro Concert CE: Solid African mahogany top and back & sides, Fishman Flex Plus-T electronics, and a comfortable Concert body shape. All-solid tonewoods provide enhanced resonance and tonal clarity. The price starts at $799.
  • Breedlove Jeff Bridges Oregon Concerto CE : Figured Myrtlewood top and back & sides, LR Baggs Anthem TRU-MIC electronics, and comfortable Slim C neck. Offers a balanced and responsive sound, ideal for various playing styles. Price starts at $2999.
  • Breedlove Organic Artista Pro Concert CE: Solid European Spruce top, solid Myrtlewood back and sides, Fishman Flex Plus-T electronics, and stunning Black Dawn color. The price starts at $1,049.

3. The Discovery Series

Breedlove ECO Discovery S Concert CE

Created in China, the Discovery series offers solid tops and laminate backs and sides, providing great value for budding musicians.

Popular Model:

  • Breedlove ECO Discovery S Concert CE: Solid European spruce top, African Mahogany back & sides, Fishman Presys I electronics. Great budget acoustic guitar. The price starts at $549.

4. The Pursuit Series

Breedlove ECO Pursuit Exotic S Concert CE

Also crafted in China, the Pursuit series boasts solid tops and laminate backs and sides, paired with built-in electronics for stage-ready performance.

Popular Model:

  • Breedlove ECO Pursuit Exotic S Concert CE: Solid Solid Myrtlewood top, Myrtlewood laminate back and sides, and a striking exotic look. Offers an exotic aesthetic with impressive sonic performance. The built-in Fishman Presys I electronics provide versatility for live performances.  The price starts at $749.

5. The Solo Series


Breedlove Solo Pro Concert CE

Made in China, the Solo series offers solid tops and laminate backs and sides, with a unique side soundhole for personal monitoring during performances.

Popular Model:

  • Breedlove Solo Pro Concert CE: Solid Western Red Cedar top, African Mahogany back and sides, and a side soundhole for a player’s perspective. This guitar is ideal for solo performers with its side soundhole, allowing for personal monitoring. The Fishman Presys I electronics ensure easy amplification during live shows. The price starts at $799.

Each popular model from the various series not only delivers unique benefits but also comes at a price point suitable for a wide range of musicians, making Breedlove Guitars accessible and appealing to both aspiring players and seasoned professionals alike. You can also check out our acoustic guitar buying guide to find out the best guitar model for your needs. 

Pros and Cons of Breedlove Guitars

Breedlove ECO Pursuit Exotic S Concert CE is one of our favorite fingerstyle acoustic guitars for under $1000.

Breedlove Guitars have garnered a devoted following in the music world for their distinctive sound, innovative features, and commitment to sustainability. As with any brand, there are both advantages and drawbacks to consider when contemplating a Breedlove instrument. Let’s explore the pros and cons of Breedlove Guitars based on the insights gained from the previous sections. 

For a detailed review of high-end acoustic guitars and how they compare with Breedlove Guitars, you can refer to Best High-End Acoustic Guitars.


  • Unique Sound and Look: Breedlove Guitars offer a refreshing departure from mainstream brands, catering to acoustic players seeking something different. Their unique body shapes, tonewood choices, and sound optimization process result in guitars with character-rich tones that resonate with players and audiences alike.
  • Innovative Features: Breedlove’s dedication to innovation shines through in their guitars. From ergonomic body shapes that enhance playing comfort to Cascade Bracing system that boosts volume and clarity, these innovative features enrich the musical experience and provide enhanced versatility for players.
  • Wide Range of Models: Breedlove Guitars offers an extensive lineup of models to suit diverse budgets and preferences. From the premium USA series to the accessible Discovery series, musicians of all levels can find a guitar that resonates with their musical journey.
  • Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing: Breedlove’s commitment to sustainability sets them apart. The use of ethically sourced tonewoods and eco-friendly finishes demonstrates their dedication to preserving the environment while crafting exceptional instruments.


  • Reputation and Recognition: While Breedlove has earned a dedicated fan base, they may not have the same level of widespread recognition as some long-established brands in the acoustic guitar market. This could be a consideration for players who prioritize brand reputation.
  • Appeal to Traditionalists: Breedlove’s innovative designs and features may not resonate with traditionalists who prefer classic guitar aesthetics and specifications. Players seeking more traditional designs may opt for well-known, vintage-inspired brands.
  • Quality Control with Overseas-made Models: Some players have reported occasional quality control issues with overseas-made Breedlove models. As with any mass-produced instruments, variations in build quality can occur, though the overall standard usually remains solid.

Who Should Buy A Breedlove Guitar?

  • Musicians Seeking Unique Sound and Look: Breedlove Guitars offer a distinctive tonal character and appearance, making them an ideal choice for artists who wish to stand out from the crowd and showcase their individuality.
  • Players Craving Innovative Features and Playability: Breedlove’s innovative designs, ergonomic body styles, and easy-to-play fingerboard configurations make them a perfect match for musicians who seek enhanced playing comfort and versatile musical expression.
  • Acoustic and Electric Players Wanting Versatile Instruments: Whether you are a fingerpicker looking for tonal nuances or an electric player seeking smooth-to-play acoustic guitar, Breedlove Guitars got you covered and can cater to a wide range of musical styles.
  • Eco-Conscious Musicians Appreciating Ethical Materials: Breedlove’s commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing of tonewoods resonates with environmentally conscious players who value instruments made with care for the planet.
  • Artists Exploring Diverse Musical Styles: From acoustic performances to electrifying gigs, Breedlove Guitars offer the flexibility to explore diverse musical genres, making them a preferred choice for versatile musicians.
  • Beginners Looking for Quality Instruments with Character: Aspiring players looking for well-crafted, easy-to-play guitars with exceptional tonal quality and unique design elements will find Breedlove Guitars a reliable and inspiring choice, even in the models designed for all budgets.

Who Should Not Buy A Breedlove Guitar?

  • Traditionalists Preferring Classic Designs: Players seeking guitars with traditional aesthetics like those inspired by Martin or vintage Gibson models may find Breedlove’s innovative designs less aligned with their preferences.
  • Those Prioritizing Brand Reputation And Recognition over Innovation: Musicians who primarily prioritize purchasing well-established, widely recognized brands based on reputation may opt for alternatives in the market.
  • Those Favoring Well-Established, Vintage-Inspired Brands: Players with a deep affinity for vintage-inspired guitar designs, such as those offered by Blueridge, Gibson, or classic Martin models, may gravitate towards alternative brands with a long-standing history.


As we’ve explored, the answer to whether Breedlove guitars are the right choice for you ultimately lies in your personal preferences, needs, and budget.

For acoustic players seeking an instrument that transcends convention, Breedlove’s unique body shapes and sustainably sourced tonewoods offer a distinct sound and look that sets them apart from mainstream brands. Their dedication to crafting instruments with enhanced playability and tonal versatility ensures an exceptional musical experience.

Breedlove Guitars’ diverse range of series, accommodating different budgets, ensures that both aspiring musicians and seasoned professionals can find a guitar that resonates with their musical journey. The commitment to ethical sourcing and eco-friendly finishes also appeals to eco-conscious players seeking harmony between art and nature.

Based on thorough research and experience, we believe that Breedlove Guitars offer a compelling choice for acoustic players who desire a high-quality instrument with a captivating personality. Go ahead and test some Breedlove acoustic guitars out as soon as possible!


Where Are Breedlove Guitars Made?

USA Series Breedlove Guitars are handcrafted in Bend, Oregon, USA. Breedlove’s more budget-friendly models, such as those from the Discovery series, are crafted in China.

Who Owns Breedlove Guitars?

Breedlove Guitars are owned by Two Old Hippies, LLC.

What Are Breedlove Guitars Good for?

Breedlove Guitars are renowned for their versatile sound and playability, making them suitable for a wide range of musical styles, such as fingerstyle playing. Their unique body shapes, innovative features, and sustainably sourced tonewoods make them an excellent choice for musicians seeking instruments with distinctive character and exceptional tonal quality.

Are Breedlove Guitars Good for Beginners?

Yes, Breedlove offers models suitable for beginners. The Discovery series, with solid tops and laminate backs and sides, provides accessible options without compromising on sound quality, making them a great starting point for beginner players.

Can I Purchase Directly From Breedlove?

No, you can’t purchase Breedlove Guitars directly from their official website. But, you can find Breedlove’s dealers through Breedlove guitars website.

Can I Order a Custom Breedlove Guitar Made to My Specifications?

Yes, Breedlove offers a custom shop where you can order a personalized guitar tailored to your specifications. Custom Breedlove guitars allow musicians to choose tonewoods, body shapes, and other features to create their dream instrument.

Which Famous Artists Have Played Breedlove Guitars?

Famous artists like Jim James, Lisa Loeb, Ed Roland, and Jeff Pilson have embraced Breedlove Guitars, drawn to their exceptional sound and craftsmanship. These musicians showcase the instruments’ versatility and excellence across various genres in their performances.

How Long Have Breedlove Guitars Been Around?

Breedlove Guitars were founded in 1990 by Larry Breedlove and Steve Henderson, both former employees of Taylor Guitars. The brand has since grown to become a respected name in the guitar industry.

Are Breedlove Guitars Good for The Money?

Yes, Breedlove Guitars are often considered to offer good value for the money, given their high-quality craftsmanship, innovative features, and diverse range of models catering to different budgets.

Is it Common to Experience Problems with Breedlove Guitars?

While Breedlove Guitars are known for their quality, like any mass-produced instruments, occasional quality control issues may arise. However, these instances are generally rare, and Breedlove maintains a strong reputation for customer support and service.

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