Are Guitar Wall Hangers Bad for the Guitar?

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When getting a new guitar, you might be worried about the space that you’re going to use for instruments. After all, having a couple or more of these sensitive instruments can require some space, if you want to keep them properly without any kind of short or long-term damage.

This is why many are opting for wall hangers for their guitars. This is not only a good way to save some space in your home, you just put your guitar on your wall, and that’s it! Besides, guitar decor on the wall looks amazing, doesn’t it?

However, there is still one specific issue guitarists might have with these wall hanger solutions. The first things that come to mind are “Will my guitar get damaged?” ”Are Guitar Wall Hangers Bad for the Guitar?” After all, this does seem like a bit of a weird way to store your electric guitar, as it rests only on its headstock. But let’s see how all this works.

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Are Guitar Wall Hangers Bad for the Guitar?

This guitar helps people to visualize guitar on wall hanger

First and foremost – you need to bear in mind that no instrument lasts forever. Eventually, everything gets damaged, broken, or just thrown away. Especially cheaper instruments. So it’s inevitable that your guitar will get harmed in some way sooner or later.

However, speaking of reasonable time frames, using a wall hanger the proper way won’t damage your guitar. Of course, for this, you need a quality wall hanger and you need to take care that your guitar doesn’t hit the wall or any other objects. But overall, you shouldn’t be worried about wall hangers these days, as they’re made to keep your guitar safe.

After all, look at any guitar store in the world. Most of the guitars are always on hangers. They don’t fall down, they don’t hit on anything, and they remain as good as new even when they sit there for months.

How Wall Hanging Can Theoretically Affect The Guitar?

All wall hangers rely on headstock shapes to hang the guitar. But will this kind of placement affect your guitar in any way? Well, the simple answer is yes. Your guitar cannot be completely unaffected when placed on a wall hanger.

After sitting there for extended periods of time, this could affect the guitar’s neck. However, what also affects the neck is having strings on it. Or even not having strings on it. If you ever got the chance to keep your guitar for a long time with no strings, you’d notice that the neck gets warped, even to the point where you won’t be able to play anything when you put the new strings on. This is why most guitars, both acoustic and electric, have a truss rod.

So even if your guitar neck gets affected at some point(usually not), it’s far from something that will permanently damage the instrument. All you need to do is turn 1/4 of a full circle with a hex key, and you’ll be fine.

What’s The Best Guitar Wall Hanger (Wall Mount)?

Main Wall Hanger Types

There are a few different types of guitar wall hangers that you can find today. Some of them are also quite innovative and don’t rely on holding the guitar by its headstock. But most of the regular ones do.

There are two basic types. First is a “fixed” one(the photo below).

It’s basically like a fork where you just put the guitar neck on it. However, it always allows you to turn it a little in order to place guitars with different types of headstocks. For instance, we usually have the symmetrical Gibson type of headstock, with three tuners on each side. But when placing a 6-in-line headstock, you can either turn it a little on its side so that you can place this asymmetrical headstock on it.

The other common type of a guitar wall hanger has two rods that come into place when you put the guitar on them(photo above). These work well for any type of headstock and require no further adjustments. I’ve noticed that many guitar stores use these kind of wall hangers.

Either way, there are so many wall hangers these days and most of them will work well for any type of headstock.

Best Guitar Wall Hangers

What’s the “best” might depend on your type of guitar, your setting, and what you prefer. These are a few great examples of wall hangers that you might want to check out.

Best Overall

The Hercules Wallmount hanger is one of the best single-instrument wall hangers. It might be a bit more expensive, but the quality is high. It has two additional “wings” that can help you lock your guitar in place. This auto-locking system helps you to sleep well, knowing that your guitar is safely hanging from the wall.

[amazon box=”B07BBNS4ZL” template=”horizontal”]

Best Budget

Another great example is TopStage JX15-NAT. It’s nothing too fancy, but it’s still a useful budget option. It also has a wooden base for a stronger grip, and it’s overall a heavy-duty grip that can hang up to 50 pounds of weight. That’s pretty much an overkill since even the biggest Les Pauls are not this heavy.

[amazon box=”B00FW6YG5C” template=”horizontal”]

If You Want to Hide The Screws

A slightly different one is the hanger by Gator. Gator is a company known for making some pretty sturdy pedalboards. What’s really great about this hanger is that it comes with a decorative plate that hides all the screws going into the wall. The design of the swivel yoke is also pretty great for any type of a guitar neck, whether it’s an angled or a straight one.

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Best Multi-Guitar Wall Mount

In case you have 3 to 5 guitars, you could definitely use a multi-guitar rack. If this is the case, I would recommend this one for you: String Swing SW5RL-C-K Guitar Keeper Bundle. This one is a really strong and well build hanger that can handle 5 guitars at the same time. If just a couple of guitars is not enough, this might be the right one for you.

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If you want to explore more multi-guitar wall hanger options, check this guide out: Best Multi-Guitar Wall Mounts and Hangers in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide.

Where You Should Hang Your Guitar?

You should not just go and hang your guitar on the wall. There are a few placement options that you need to consider. First, it would be a good idea not to put the hanger on the wall that will expose your guitar to direct sunlight. After all, keeping it for extended periods of time with constant temperature changes is not good for the tonewood, the paint and the hardware.

Next, you’ll need to think about the room where the guitar is stored. Most importantly, you should think about whether there are any moisture issues. This can be extremely harmful to your guitar in the long run.

In addition, you would also think of other potential issues as well. For instance, you should never keep your guitar near any source of heat, or anything that can potentially do mechanical damage to your instrument.

The wall that it’s on should be cleared out, without any obstacles on the way. The guitar should hang at a desirable level, not too high so that you have trouble reaching it, and not too low so that it can hit the floor or any objects that might be at that height.

How to Hang Guitar on The Wall?

Installing a regular guitar hanger to the wall is usually quite easy, but you should keep these things in mind:

  • if you live in a rental apartment ask your landlord if installing a guitar wall hanger is allowed
  • if you live in your own house, ask your wife if installing a guitar wall hanger is allowed(really important)
  • choose screws that are long enough
  • check what the wall material is. If it’s concrete you need to drill holes before screwing. You might need wall plugs for screws too.

Here is a great video guide which helps you to install your guitar wall hanger:

YouTube video

Other Ways to Store Your Guitar

In case you just don’t feel like hanging your guitar on the wall, there are a few other ways how you can store it. A regular guitar stand is a good idea but will take more room than a wall hanger.

Or you might want a multi-guitar stand to store your guitar collection. If that’s the case, check this guide out: Best Multi-Guitar Stand in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide.

Another way is that you can keep your guitar in the box that you bought it in. It’s not the perfect solution, but it keeps the guitar safe, and you can just slide it under your bed.

A better version of this is a guitar case. Your guitar can rest perfectly in it, and you won’t need to worry about any potential damages or other issues, as long as the case is well made.


So, wall hangers are not bad for the guitar. It can have some effect on the guitar in a super long run, but so many other stuff affect the guitar too. Even the strings give the guitar way more pressure. You can hang your instrument on the wall without being afraid of damaging it. But don’t drop it.

I stored my guitar on the wall in our last apartment but now our landlord is a little more strict so I had to store my guitar otherwise. Bummer.

So keep your guitar safe, don’t drop it or hang it to the direct sunlight and keep rocking!

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