5 Best All-Around Electric Guitars in 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

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If you are in a hurry and want to find out what is the best all-around electric guitar, I recommend: Fender American Performer Stratocaster HSS. It’s the value for money is high, it’s easy to play and tones are really versatile. Everything you need from a great all-arounder.

You don’t want to be stuck in one genre? Do you want a guitar that helps you to explore rock, metal, blues, jazz, funk, country and many other music-types? You want to play heavy riffs, fast solos, soft clean parts, and so much more cool stuff? A great all-around electric guitar might be just what you need!

And you are in the right place, my friend. I will share my favorite all-around electric guitars with you. I’ll reveal what I like about those and what I don’t. In the end, you can choose the right one for you!

In this post I’m gonna review/recommend following guitars:

I also give some bonus options during the way.

Before we look closer at these guitars, I’ll show you what kind of features you should look for when picking the best all-around electric guitar for you.

Use the table of content to jump to the section you want:

What Makes a Great All-Around Electric Guitar

I define a great all-around electric guitar like this:

A guitar that provides a great variety of different tones and can serve you when many different music genres are played. A guitar that is comfortable to play when playing riffs or solos, fast or slow. 

I want these qualities from a guitar before I can call it a great all-around electric guitar. In this post, all the guitars are like this in my opinion

To be honest all guitars are pretty versatile. You are usually not going to be completely stuck in one genre after buying an electric guitar. But it’s true that some are more versatile and better all-around than others. Let’s look at some features of the great all-around guitars.


Photo shows reader guitar pickups

Pickups have the biggest impact on your sound when we are talking about your electric guitar. Is there hum or not? Is the sound hot or cold? Are the tones dark and rich or spanky and bright…and so on…

But when you want a guitar that will serve you well in every situation, you might want almost all of these options. How?

First, there are 2 main pickup types for you. Single-coils and Humbuckers.

Single-coils are the oldest types of pickups. They feature only one “line” of magnetic poles. Their tone is more spanky, brighter, and has a stronger attack. These are the pickups you find on most of the Fender and Fender-inspired guitars.

Humbuckers have two of these lines of magnetic poles, and they’re wound in opposite directions. This way, all the electric hum is canceled out. Their tone is a bit smoother, warmer, and thicker. They’re the types of pickups you’d most often use for those tight-sounding distorted metal riffs. Gibson Les Pauls usually come with humbuckers.

But which pickup configurations is the best option? It depends. But I would recommend these for you:

  • HSH
    •  2x Humbuckers and one Single-Coil in the middle. This combo ensures warm and thick tones, but you have a good variety of spanky and bright tones available with one single-coil.
  • HSS
    • The bridge pickup is a humbucker and then comes 2 single-coils. Bright and spanky tones are guaranteed, but you have warm and thick tone options too.
  • HH with a coil-split
    • You have 2 humbuckers, so this is A YES for warm, dark and rich tones. But, there is more…You have a coil-split function. This basically shuts done one coil of a humbucker and after that, you have a one single-coil left to ensure bright tones.
  • Single-Coils with ability to switch between serial and parallel wiring
    • You can make the output of the pickups lower or higher by switching between serial and parallel wiring. This adds a huge variety of tones for you.
  • Modeling guitars
    • These guitars process the vibration of the strings to a digital signal. A guitarist can select specific tones and guitar digitally emulates the tones. This might be a cool option for some players. Different at least.

What is my personal favorites? For a long time, I have been wanting to test out a modeling guitar, not in a guitar store, but in my home, that way I could really test it out. 

But these 2 are my favorite options:

  • HH with a great coil-split function. It just like Humbuckers so much, and with a solid coil-split, it’s a great all-rounder. 
  • HSS. If you want slightly more spanky and bright tones from your guitar, this is my favorite. With one humbucker you can dial in for some warm and thick tones too.

All of these are good options, it really comes down to your own preference. Take some time to think about the tones you want from your guitar. Warm or cold? Soft or hard? Sparkling or dark? That will lead you in the right direction.

Humbuckers are usually better for metal, warm blues, and modern rock. Single-coil pickups shine with classic rock, funk, and bright blues.

Best Single-Coil option

If you want only single-coils, I want to share a couple of really versatile options with you. 

First, Lindy Fralin Vintage Hot Pickups. These pickups provide bright and well-balanced sound great for many different situations.

If you want something closer to humbuckers, there are P-90 pickups. Introduced in 1946 by Gibson. The sound of these is really bright but yet thick. In my opinion, these pickups are a really good mix of Singe-coil and Humbucker tones. And this makes these a good option for guitarists looking for a great all-rounder guitar and pickups.

Some single-coil pickups have cool functions: coil-tap and chance for series and parallel wiring. Both of these add a ton of versatility. Let’s look at what these mean.


Sometimes people and even manufacturers confuse coil-tapping with coil-splitting, but these are 2 different things. Now we are talking about coil-tapping

Pickups have a specific count of wire wounds(usually copper). Usually from 4000 to over 10000. The wound amount has an effect on the sound. 

Let’s say that you have a single-coil pickup with 10000 wounds of copper wire. With a coil-tap function, you can switch to smaller wound amount, let’s say 5000. This helps you to get a great variety of tones out of your guitar.

Of course, the guitar manufacturer decides what are the wound amount to choose from on their guitars. But if you have the skills to do something like this yourself, you can decide.

Change between series and parallel wiring

Guitars usually use 2-kinds of wiring: serial and parallel. But some guitars have the feature to switch between these both.

I’m not going to explain the whole series-, parallel wiring systems now because that would make this post a really long one. If you want more info about wirings, check this post out.

But shortly, when you can change between parallel and serial wiring, pickups output goes higher or lower. Higher with serial and lower with parallel.

When the output is high, the guitar sends a stronger signal to the amplifier, this makes the tone more distorted. 

When the output is low, the guitar sends a weaker signal and the tone is cleaner.

Note: Often you can hear high-output pickups referred to as hot-pickups and low-output pickups as cold-pickups.

When guitars can do this, it adds more possibilities for the player. It’s a cool function, but usually, you have to pay some extra for the ability to switch between parallel and serial wiring.

Best Humbucker option

If you want only Humbuckers on your guitar, and want it to be a really great all-rounder…get pickup with coil-split. This adds so many tones. You can’t even imagine.

The best humbucker, in my opinion, is Seymor Duncan SH-4 JB. It can handle every music genre. Tones from really sweet from clean to raw heavy metal. And by the way, SH-4 JB is one of the best (if not the best) selling pickups of all time and it’s not too pricy.



Showcases the playability of great all-around guitar

Playability-wise I would look for a really comfortable guitar. A guitar that can serve you when soft melody, heavy riffs, or fast solos are played. Comfortable in every situation.

And what kind of models I would recommend? This is nothing original. But here is my 3 favorites:

  • Modern Telecasters with over 9-inch(228mm) fretboard radius and modern C or C-shaped neck
  • Standard Stratocasters with modern or C-shaped neck
  • Good quality Les Pauls and other Single-Cut Guitars with modern/slim-D, or thin-U shaped neck

These are my go-to options. There are plenty of other great choices available, but I would recommend these off the top of my head.


Bridge-type, Whammy bar, and tremolo arm

The most important factors on the bridge are:

  • Is it Floyd-Rose
  • Or is it not

It’s true that with a Floyd-rose you can do some things that no other bridge does. But there is a downside…tuning. With a Floyd-rose changing tuning is not so easy job. You need to do some screwing every time you tune.

But when you don’t have a Floyd-rose, tuning is usually quite easy. 

You should ask yourself: 

  • do I need to change tuning often? If yes, I would not buy a Floyd-rose
  • do I need to perform some crazy dives with a whammy bar often? If yes and you don’t change the tuning that much, Floyd-rose might be a good option for you.

Personally, I wouldn’t buy a guitar Floyd-rose if I want an all-arounder, because I want to be able to change tuning easily.

But there is one more thingy related to your bridge…Vintage-Tremolo arm

I would recommend a guitar with a tremolo-arm. This just completes the great all-arounder electric guitar. It adds up more options for the player. 

As I said Floyd-rose is probably not the best option, but guitars with different vintage-styled tremolo arms are really solid.

But again, it comes down to your own preference.

Now you should have some idea about the features of a great all-rounder. Let’s look at 5 of my favorite all-arounder guitars. Plus some bonus options.

Best All-Around Electric Guitars – My Favorite Picks

Best Overall – Fender American Performer Stratocaster HSS

You want great single-coil sounds without losing thick humbucker tones completely. I recommend that you listen to what I have to say about this beauty.

Sound: This one has 1 Fender Humbucker and 2 Single-coils. So the tonal balance tilts on the spanky and bright side. 

You can get really crisp, but still detailed tones out of these 2 single-coils. And these 2 are top-notch quality.

What about humbucker? Usually, I hear people saying stuff like: ‘’Fender can only make good single-coils’’, Fender humbuckers suck!’’.

These are not true, at least not in this case. 

Can you find better humbuckers? Maybe. Are these bad by any means? No.

Humbucker tones are warm, stable, thick, and hum-free. Like it should be. It doesn’t sound flat, muddy, or too dark in my opinion.

Humbuckers have a coil-split function that helps you to get even closer to the original 3 Single-coil Start tones.

Performer Strat has a solid maple body. This gives the tone brightness and helps you with iconic Single-coil sounds.

When I took the overall sounds and pickups configuration of this guitar, I have nothing to complain about.

But what do you think? Hear how this one sounds:

YouTube video


Playability: Neck shape is modern C. Nut width 1.68(43mm) and fretboard radius is 9,5inches. So on the paper, all looks good.

I’ve managed to get my hands on this and many other Fenders with this kind of neck and besides a little bit too high action for me, playability is excellent and the neck feels comfortable. The neck is thin, pretty narrow, and comfortable.

Overall this guitar is really easy to play, even though some action adjustments are probably required.  You can easily to this by lowering the saddle with a 0.050-inch hex wrench.

The body feels great on your lap and picking is easy as it gets.

Quality/Looks: Price and the fact that this Guitar is made in the USA, make you expect great quality…

and that’s what you get. I can found any other way to say it. The finish looks great, tuning is stable and pickups work like a charm.  

I have nothing to complain and found no long time owners saying that something broke in normal use.

And the looks? I really like it. Especially Satin Seafoam Green color and really good looking neck finish.

I’m not a fan of the big headstock, but I can live with it because all the other aspects of this guitar are so good.



  • Great single coil-sounds, good for funk, rock jazz
  • Humbucker provides nice warm tones, good for blues and light metal
  • Really easy and comfortable to play
  • High-quality
  • Stays in tune well
  • Looks beautiful
  • Great for small hands


  • Out of the box action is too high
  • Oversize Headstock is not for everybody(me)
  • Not necessary the best option for big hands

This one is a real treat for those who want more single-coil, but still some humbucker tones from their guitar. Solid all-arounder which will serve you for years and years. Great choice.

>>Check Price on Amazon<<


More stable and mellow sounding alternative with Floyd-Rose – Ibanez Nita Strauss JIVA10 Signature 

If you want something with less attack and more stability tonally, Ibanez Nista Starus JIVA10 is a great option. Really versatile and comfortable to play, even with small hands. The only real con for me is the Floyd-Rose bridge, because now using alternative tunings is a pain in a butt. But otherwise, this is a great option too.

>>Check Price on Amazon<<


For Bigger Budget – Fender American Ultra Telecaster RW Arctic Pearl

Ultra Telecaster is the highest priced guitar in this post. Why do I think that it’s worth the money? Let’s find out!

Sound: My good friend got this Fender American Ultra Telecaster while back and he was a little bit skeptical at the start whether he is going to keep it. But when he explored all the tonal-options this guitar has to offer, he decided that this Ultra is a keeper.

Guitar has 2 Ultra Noiseless Vintage Tele pickups. So there should be no hum with these Single-coils. 

First, this guitar offers really gentle, tight, soft, and detailed tones. That literally is a check on every box in my books. 

But at the same time, the sound could be sometimes a little bit weak. Single-coils in parallel wiring doesn’t give you enough thickness. The reason for this is not so high pickup output(pickups are cold).

Still, the sound is really bright and clear. And when you switch to serial wiring with a press of a button, this guitar starts to sound much warmer and thicker, and those heavy riffs starts to sound a lot better.

Without serial-, to parallel wiring switch, this guitar would not be on this list, because that would cut out the versatility a lot. But now it can serve you well with many different tones.

And overall, I absolutely love the sounds of this guitar. No question about it. You get what you pay for is true in this case.

Hear how this one sounds:

YouTube video


Playability: Neck shape is modern-D. It’s really thin and is a little bit chunkier on the shoulders than standard D. 

Nut width is 1.685 inches(42.8mm). The fretboard has a compounding radius of 10-14 inches. More curve near to the nut and less when you come closer to the bridge. The fretboard has rolled edges so it’s really comfortable.

At the back of the body is contour which makes holding this guitar in your lap a really pleasant experience.

All these features make the neck and overall playability really smooth and comfortable. 

My friend said: ‘’ Best feeling guitar I have ever played’’, and he has tested more guitars than I am.  And I agree that this is one of the best feeling guitar out there. No question about it.

Quality/Looks: For this price, you can expect nothing else than high,- or even ultra-quality. And this is the case. Every detail and inch is well finished and the guitar stays tune like a charm. Honestly, there is not much to more to say about the quality.

And the looks? As always this comes down to your own personal opinion. In my opinion, this guitar looks amazing. Especially if you like Telecasters. My friend bought the model with Texas Tea-color and it’s probably the best-looking color option for this Tele.



  • Tones are really soft, tight and detailed
  • With a serial-wiring switch, you can get more punch and attack to your sound
  • One of the most comfortable guitars out there
  • Quality is high
  • Modern-D Neck shape makes playing easy for you


  • These Single-coils itself have less output and because of that they don’t give the tone much attack(with a serial-wiring option they do give more punch, so no big con.)
  • Price

If you have a bigger budget, and want a super comfortable and versatile guitar with soft, detailed, and tight tones, this might be the right one for you. 

>>Check Price on Amazon<<



Best Budget Option – Fender Player Telecaster HH

This one is absolute killer guitar and all-rounder. Let me tell you why I think so…

Sound: The main reason for greatness is the sound, and how versatile it is. This Tele has 2 humbuckers. So the warm, thick, and rich sound are guaranteed. It handles metal, rock, and blues sounds well. So the humbucker tones alone are great, but…

Fender Player Telecaster HH includes maybe the best single-coil option I have seen and heard.  At least for this price range. It comes really close to the original single-coil sound. So, funk and spanky jazz/blues are easy for this guitar.

Versatile sounds are one main thing why I’m recommending this guitar right now. Especially for the price, it’s hard to beat.

Hear how it sounds yourself:

YouTube video

Playability: Fender Player Telecaster is not the easiest to play, but it doesn’t give you too much hard time. The neck shape is Modern C and the fretboard radius is 9,5. Nut width is 42mm(1.65inches). 

The neck is thin, narrow, and really smooth from the back, it feels good. But the edges of the fretboard could be smoother/softer in my opinion. No game-breaker but good to know.

Modern C neck is one of my favorites, this is why I enjoy playing this and other Player-series Telecasters.

Out of the box action is a little bit high for me. Gladly this is easy to fix with truss rod or bridge adjustments. So this is only a minor flaw.

Quality/looks: Quality is excellent for the price. It lacks some details and high-quality finish when compared to higher-priced Fenders, but hey, this is why this guitar is so affordable. But the value for money is still super.

The guitar stays in tune well, thanks to good quality tuners.

The looks are amazing. For a long time, I have been a huge telecaster fan. And I’m absolutely going to buy a Telecaster at some point.



  • Super-versatile, a wide variety of different sounds
  • Smooth feel
  • Quality is really high for the price
  • Stays in tune well
  • Nice classic look
  • Split-coil tunes are amazing


  • Edges of the fretboard are a little bit rough
  • Out of the box action is too high for some players(for me)
  • Loses for higher-priced Teles sound-wise

Excellent all-rounder with one of the best split coil-sounds I have heard. If I didn’t own any electric guitars, I would probably buy this one ASAP.

>>Check Price on Amazon<<


If your budget is really tight – Squier by Fender Classic Vibe 50’s Telecaster

This is really similar to Fender Player Tele, the main difference being the lower price, lower quality, and use of 2 single-coil mics. This guitar is still versatile and can handle almost everything. The neck feels good as in more expensive models, but the sound is a little bit lower in quality(not too bad). Value for money is excellent, and that makes this one an excellent budget option.

>>Check Price on Amazon<<


Runner-Up With Extra Features – Godin XTSA Solid Body 3-Voice Electric Guitar 

Godin is a real gem. You don’t hear much about them but you know that they exist. 

And Godin XTSA is also a really great all-arounder. Let me tell you why.

Sound: Really versatile. 

I was going to leave it like that but I figured out that I should inform you more. 

Guitar has a Flame maple leaf top and Silver leaf maple body with polar wings. Maple gives you some brightness and bite on your tone.

XTSA has an HSH pickup configuration, 2 Godin humbuckers, and one Single-Coil with a 5-way switch. 

So you are able to get really warm, thick, and dark sound out of this guitar, without losing too much spanky and bright tones either. You have plenty of tonal options. This is great news for people finding a great all-arounder electric guitar.

But this is no Start or Tele sounding guitar. I noticed that. You can move close to these sound-wise with 1 single-coil, but these tones are not the strongest side of the XTSA.

This axe also has RMC pickups. This means that each individual string has sensors that pick vibration up. After that, the Custom preamp amplifies the signal. The purpose of this is to make the guitar sound more like an acoustic guitar.

And this one actually surprised me, because acoustic sounds are really good. For example, this doesn’t lose for plugged Yamaha APX-600 at all. 

Plus this one has a built-in Bass, Middle, and Treble knobs for acoustics sounds(the fourth knob is volume). So you are far from limited with acoustic tones too.

But wait a minute. There is more. This guitar works with guitar synths too! 

XTSA uses a 13-pin system which converts the vibration of the strings to the hexaphonich synth signal. (Check this Wikipedia article if you want a detailed guide about what Guitar Synthesizer is. And this article, if you want to know what Synthesizer in general is).

Simply put, you have access to hundreds of different sounds and features with Synthesizer. Usually, keyboards are known for this ability.

 The ability to connect with a guitar synthesizer is a cool bonus, but not really necessary for everybody.

Note: You will need to buy a guitar synthesizer to access these different tones. This guitar works with Roland GR-series synths and with most 13-pin devices. For example, this is a great choice Roland GR-55S Guitar Synthesizer if you are going to buy a guitar synth.

I think that at this point you agree with me. Versatile. That word comes to mind when thinking Godin XTSA. 

And tremolo bar adds that versatility just a little bit more. It’s a one point more for Godin XTSA in my books.

But before we move on, hear how this sounds:

YouTube video


Playability: The neck is made of mahogany and for me that works fine, no need to complain about that.  

The fretboard is Richlite. Richlite is really similar to ebony, but it is slightly smoother and if you need to do refretting, Richlite will not cause you so much trouble.

So the materials look great on paper but how do the neck and fretboard feel? 

They feel smooth, with no rough edges. Nut width is 1.68inches (43mm) and overall the neck is slightly wider and thicker than I like, but not too bad. 

Fretboard radius is 16 inches, so it only has a really small curve. Easy to move your fingers around the fretboard. 

The neck is best suitable for crunchy and heavy riffs and for moody jazz or blues in my opinion. But thanks to the small fretboard curve you can quite easily play pretty fast with this one too.

Upper-fret access is not so good. This is common for single-cut guitars. It’s doable, but not so easy.

The single-cut shape is comfortable against your body. Your pick hand will not cause you too much trouble either with XTSA.

One thing that I should point out is the weight. This is heavier than most electric guitars. Closer to 15 pounds, when the average electric guitar weight is 12pounds. No game breaker for me, but good to know.

I would not say that this is the easiest the play guitar on this post, but it’s still really comfortable.

Quality/Looks: Quality is really solid. I researched the internet and found hardly any complaints about any issues. But I found some, and I will share those with you.

Some users have found that the cable jack comes loose once in a while. It’s easy to fix, but a minor flaw still.

In some rare cases, synthentizator patches can be a little bit noisy. I think that one reason could be the vibration of the other strings. Fix for this is: you need to mute strings which are not supposed to play. 

Or this could be some error in Synth patches or pickups. Either way, this is rare, and I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

And what about the looks? All the shapes and overall finish are really pleasing for my eyes. But the light burst body color is just not my piece of cake. I absolutely love slightly more expensive KOA- finish. So I recommend that you check that one out too.



  • Versatile pickup configuration
  • Great Acoustic guitar sounds
  • Really warm and thick tones from humbuckers
  • Single-Coil pickups add tons of tonal options
  • Really comfortable to play
  • High-quality
  • Solid value for money
  • Tremolo bar
  • Synthesizer access gives you endless tone options


  • For some people(me), guitar synth access is not so important feature
  • You need to buy a guitar synthesizer if you want to use the synth access
  • Upper fret access is only OK
  • Not the easiest guitar to play(still comfortable tho)
  • Cable jack comes loose sometimes
  • Single-coil sounds are not the strongest aspect of XTSA

Godin XTSA is a super-versatile and comfortable guitar that offers lots of features and tones. Personally, some of the features are not so important for me(guitar synth). With a tight budget, I would wonder if paying for these features is worth it if you don’t need those. I’ll let you decide.

And the fact that you have to buy a guitar synthesizer to access these synth features reveals that tapping into the full potential of this guitar is not cheap.

But if your budget is looser or you really need the features of this guitar, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it for you. There is a high chance that you are not going to be disappointed. Plus this is a North-American made guitar.

>>Check Price on Amazon<<


Endless Tones – Line 6 Variax Standard Modeling Guitar

Variax is totally different and unique guitar that can do pretty crazy stuff. Because of different technology, it’s not everyone’s piece of cake, but it’s still a good option for some players. 

Sound: Guitar comes with 3 Alnico Single-Coils. These itself sound good. Not the best for this price, but still really good. 

The sound is bright and clear. You can also get nice crunchy tones out of this axe. Sometimes the sound is a little bit weak, especially when you want to just let some notes play for a long time. This is not huge, but you can notice it.

I would give a magnetic pickup tones 3/5 stars.

With a press of a button, magnetic pickups will be turned down, and piezo pickup at the bridge will turn ON.

Each string has individual piezo pickups and electronics convert signals from pickups to digital signal. And this ables you to have access to almost unlimited tones.

So there is no arguing, tonally, this is a super-versatile guitar. Hands down. 

And these different tones sound pretty good. I was actually surprised by this. I was expecting really plastic and digitally sounding guitar, but the tones are really detailed and well balanced.

Still, some presets have a little bit digitally tone in it, but nothing huge to complain about. I especially like the 12-string and acoustic tones. Really resonate and open. Sounds really close to real 12-strings and acoustic guitars.

For example, if you compared Start tones modeled by Variax to original Starts, it’s not exactly the same, but it gets really close.

So the Variax sounds great, but how well this technology works?

First Variax guitars years back were pretty bad. The idea was great but the delay between playing and sound was huge. This really distracts you when playing.

Line6 has done a pretty good job of decreasing the delay. In 2020 there is almost none left. Especially with standard tones and tuning. 

But when you switch to different tunings with modeling, you can face some issues.

The biggest one is this: your guitars acoustic sound can really distract you unless your amp is really loud. Because of your guitar is still physically in standard tuning, and the only sound coming from amp models different tuning. So when playing with modeled tunings, turn amp loud or use headphones.

Also, make sure that your guitar is in tune, because if it’s not, the modeled sounds and tunings will be out of tune too.

Overall, I would give modeled tones and sounds 3,5/5 stars.

Hear how Variax sounds:

YouTube video


Playability:  Neck shape is really similar to Standard C neck with 1,625-inch(41,3mm) nut width and 13,78 radius. The neck is pretty narrow, especially near the nut. But it’s not really thin but not thick either. The fretboard has just a slight curve in it.

The neck is comfortable and smooth, and you would expect that for this price. I prefer a modern C shape over standard, mainly because of my tiny hands. But this is not too bad either.

Neck has a Satin finish and everyone are not to used to that, but I’m definitely OK with Satin finish. It feels different for sure, but not in a bad way. I still prefer Polyurethane-finish over this, but the cap between these is not huge.

Usually, action needs some adjustments, but it’s easy to do. 

The body is comfortable to hold in your lap. Exactly the same shape than in popular Yamaha Pacifica models, and it feels the same too.

Overall feel and playability are solid. Maybe not the best feeling guitar if you compare it to others in this post, but still good. 

Quality/Looks: Quality of Yamaha(Yamaha owns Line6) guitars is usually high. And this is no exception. Everything works well quality-wise and this stays in tune well. 

Some users say that it has a little bit cheap feel in it, but not in my opinion. I think this comes down to our own opinions and experiences.

Yamaha Pacifica-shaped guitars have a different twist than regular Strats. And some colors just don’t fit very well. For example, white and sunburst colors just don’t look good on this. On the other hand, I would happily own black colored Variax. Of course, these are my personal opinions.



  • Endless tone options(literally)
  • Most of the modeled tones are great
  • Sounds good with magnetic pickups too
  • Good-quality
  • With some adjustments(action), easy to play


  • Little bit digital tone when modeling
  • You can still notice a little delay sometimes
  • When using tuning modelings, you need to turn your amp loud
  • Yamaha Pacifica looks are not for everyone

First, Variax is a useable tool for guitar players. No question about it. And it might be a great option for some folks looking the best all-arounder because it’s super versatile. It does everything well, but it’s not perfect in any aspect. Still, I would love to own Variax in the future because it offers so many unique features.

>>Check Price on Amazon<<



Now it’s time to tell which one is the best and why. In my opinion, the best overall is Fender Performer Stratocaster HSS Electric Guitar. It gives you the most value for money and is really comfortable to play. And pickup configuration makes it really versatile.

If you have a big budget, Fender American Ultra Telecaster gives you one of the most comfortable playing experiences and sounds excellent. But the price is just too much for some folks(me). That’s why the ultra is not number 1.

The best tight budget option is Fender Player Telecaster HH. It gives you high-value for money, great sound, and is still pretty comfortable to play(though there is some rough edges on the fretboard). And I want to mention again that this Player Tele has one of the best split-coil sounds out there(definitely the best for this price range at least).

If you want some extra features from your guitar, great acoustic tones, and guitar synth access, the Godin XTSA is a great choice. It’s fun to play and sounds great. But it’s not so comfortable as  Fender Performer Start and Ultra Tele. 

Lastly, I have Line 6 Varix for you. It’s not a toy. Variax is a completely usable tool/instrument. It gives maybe the biggest variety of tones out there, and it sounds good too. But as I said, it does everything well, but it’s not perfect in any aspect. And for some players, this kind of guitar is just alien. That’s why it’s not my go-to option.

I hope that this post helped you to decide what is the best all-around electric guitar for you. If you have any questions, leave a comment down below and feel free to share this post too.

I wish you all the best and keep rocking!