5 Best Guitar Cushions in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Guitar Cushion

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Best Overall

Golden Gate Dynarette Cushion

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Peleustech PU Leather Guitar Cushion

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Best Budget

Andoer Guitar Cushion

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Playing classical guitar can be a real stress on your body if you don’t sit comfortably. Since poor posture can cause hip and back pain that might develop into chronic issues, it’s important to get this right.  

If you’re studying the works of classical guitar masters but aren’t happy using a footrest or metallic support, trying one of the best guitar cushions might be your ticket to comfortable classical performances. 

In this post, I’m going to recommend/review the following guitar cushions:

Golden Gate GD-10 Dynarette Classical Guitar Cushion – Medium
  • Dense, resilient foam retains its shape indefinitely
  • Soft, sturdy leatherette guarantees years of…
  • Raises the guitar approximately 3 1/2″ so the guitar…
  • Allows players (especially taller ones) to properly…
  • Fits snugly on either leg allowing a wide range of…

Guitar Cushion, YIFAN Guitar Bass Pad for Classical, Flamenco,…
  • Contoured cushion, fix on thigh perfectly. Built-in…
  • Fitting snugly on the right or left upper leg.With…
  • Zip design for convenience, easy to take it off and…
  • Comes with a pouch and a hook. Easy to carry along.
  • Product size: About 7.9 x 5.5 x 5.3 inch. Main…

Guitar Cushion, Peleustech PU Leather Cover Built-in Sponge Soft…
  • PRODUCT SIZE: About 7.9 x 5.8 x 6.5 Inch
  • EASY TO CARRY. Comes with a pouch and a hook, easy to…
  • COMFORTABLY. The guitar cushion is designed to replace…
  • PROPERLY. The cushion assists players in maintaining…
  • EASY TO CLEAN. Zip design for convenience, easy to take…

Andoer Portable Leather Cover Contoured Durable Guitar Cushion…
  • Contoured cushion, fix on thigh perfectly.
  • Built-in sponge for added comfort.
  • With leather cover, protect inner sponge well.
  • Zip design for convenience, easy to take it off and…
  • Comes with a pouch with a hook, easy to carry along.

Guitar Cushion PU Leather Cover Built-in Sponge Contoured Guitar Bass…
  • 【Unique Design】Contoured foam cushion designed for…
  • 【Sit Properly】This guitar cushion assists players…
  • 【Portable to Carry】Come with a pouch, easy to carry…
  • 【Easy to Clean】Zip design for convenience, easy to…
  • 【Play Better】Spend less energy holding guitar, and…

Every one of these guitar cushions is here based on my 10-year experience and extensive research.

Let’s first look at these fine cushions, and at the end of the post, you can find the FAQ section that helps you to make the best choice possible.

Use the table of content to jump to the section you want:

The Best Guitar Cushion

Best Overall – Golden Gate GD-20 Dynarette Classical Guitar Cushion


The Golden Gate GD-20 cushion is made of high-quality leatherette and sturdy foam. The leatherette covering is non-porous, so you can clean it very easily and don’t have to worry if it gets wet. This helps protect the dependable foam inside, which holds true to form even after hours of playing.


The greatest thing about this cushion is it comes in two sizes. There’s a medium model, which elevates your guitar around 3.5 inches, and a large model that gives you 5.5 inches of lift. 

It’s perfectly shaped to fit both your thigh and the guitar’s waist, adding stability and comfort to your practices.


This cushion comes with a quality-crafted carrying case that you can either lash to your gig bag or carry in your spare hand. It’s a bit too big to fit inside a guitar case, but at just over half a pound, it’s nothing hard to haul.



  • The most popular guitar cushion
  • Available in two sizes, supporting guitar at 3.5-inches and 5.5-inches
  • The sturdy foam keeps its shape for a long time


  • The most expensive option

The Dynarette cushion is the model that most others are based on. It’s the cushion competitors wish they could produce, thanks to its superior shape and materials. 

If the classical guitar is your passion, this cushion is a great investment into your technique and playing pleasure. 

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Most Portable – Guitar Cushion, YIFAN Guitar Bass Pad for Classical


YIFAN did a good job of crafting a dependable product while keeping costs low. Its materials rival that of the leading Dynarette cushion and are sure to stand the test of time. Except for, that is, the zipper, which is unfortunately easy to snag and break. 


The key quality of this cushion is the rubber strip on the bottom. This bit of extra gripping power makes a world of difference compared to other cushions, keeping your guitar right where you want it. 


With a hook on its carrying case, you can easily attach this cushion to your gig bag, making travel quick and simple. 



  • Balanced design works equally well for right- or left-handed players
  • Rubber strip on the bottom keeps grip on your thigh
  • Lightweight foam for easy transport


  • Zipper of cover can get stuck and break

A close runner-up to the Golden Gate cushion, this model by YIFAN is a good option for those who want a quality support while keeping costs low. 

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Best Leg Grip – Guitar Cushion, Peleustech PU Leather Cover


Thanks to its PU leather covering, this Peleustech cushion is water-resistant and stain-proof. Smells aren’t likely to penetrate, and the thick protection offered by the cover keeps the inner foam free from damage.


The thick foam of this cushion is great at supporting your neck while you play. With this, your posture stays how it should- firm and steady. Owing to its extra-wide design, this model sits very nicely on your thigh. However, its cover doesn’t offer much grip for your guitar, making it prone to sliding off. 


Since it’s a little larger than the standard guitar cushion, this Peleustech product isn’t quite as portable as the rest. But, with its included carrying pouch, it’s really no problem to take with you.



  • PU leather is easy to clean
  • The firm foam holds your posture 
  • Wide design offers additional comfort and stability


  • The surface of the cover is slick; guitar doesn’t sit steadily

If other cushions have a tendency to slide off your leg or not give you enough of a base to support your guitar, the wider design of the Peleustech cushion could solve your support problems. 

It hits right about at the middle range for cushion prices while offering far more pros than cons, so I consider this one of the higher-valued guitar cushions on the market. 

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Best Budget – Andoer Portable Leather Cover Contoured Durable Guitar Cushion


With a genuine leather cover, the Andoer will last longer than most guitar cushions if you strive to keep it clean. You’ll need to be careful about getting it too wet and learn to properly care for the leather. If you manage to do that, you’ll get a long period of use out of this cushion. 


Mimicking the rubber strip of the YIFAN model, this cushion does a great job of holding to your thigh. It’s shaped just right to hold your guitar at about 3.5-inches, putting you in the best position for playing classical guitar. 


As it’s similarly sized to most other guitar cushions, this is portable in the sense that it’s lightweight and comes with a nice carrying bag. But, be aware that there’s very little chance you’ll fit this in any guitar case. 



  • Real leather cover is resistant to tears
  • Reliable zipper for long-term use
  • Has a great grip on thigh and guitar


  • Hard to clean

Andoer is able to offer a great cushion at the lowest price on this list. Though you’ll need to be careful about keeping it clean, you’ll enjoy this cushion for a long time. 

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Best Standard Support Height- Guitar Cushion PU Leather Cover


In line with its low price, the MIFXIN cushion uses what seems like a slightly lower quality of PU leather than other cushions we’ve looked at. It’s dependable so long as you don’t snag it on something sharp, so take good care of it and it should hold up fine. 


The dimensions of this cushion follow the industry standard. It holds your guitar at right around 3.5 inches and provides a stable way to support your neck for classical technique. 


Another cushion offering a hook on its carrying case, you can simply lash this to your gig bag and go. Otherwise, you can attach a cord to this hook to make lugging it around a breeze. 



  • Soft foam reduces pressure on thigh
  • PU cover unzips fully for easy cleaning
  • Ergonomic design assists in keeping guitar neck angled


  • Cover can be easily damaged

Falling into the same mold as most cushions of a similar price, you get a fairly dependable cushion with this MIFXIN model. Just be careful not to cut the cover, and you’ll get your money’s worth. It’s a great cushion for guitarists just wanting to try this method of support.

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The Final Verdict

For this type of product, I’d recommend the best you can get. As it stands, the original Golden Gate GD-20 Dynarette is my number one recommendation. 

Though leather might be more durable than its faux counterparts, I’d avoid this with a guitar cushion. Because of this, the Andoer would be my last choice of cushion support. 


What Is a Guitar Cushion?

One of many different ways to support your guitar at an angle while you play, guitar cushions are somewhat crescent-shaped blocks of foam. The inner curve of the cushion cups your thigh while the outer curve cradles in the guitar’s waist.

This props up the upper bout of your guitar’s body, making it easy to hold the neck at the angle best suited for classical or flamenco techniques. 

What Makes a Great Guitar Cushion?

There’s not much variety in the world of guitar cushions, but the best all share the same qualifying features.

First off is the factor of ergonomics. You’ll want to get a cushion that is designed to function comfortably. There are some that are impractically shaped and basically unusable, so keep your eye out for cushions that won’t fit smoothly between your guitar’s bouts.

Next, they should be at least somewhat durable. The construction of a guitar support cushion is often two-piece. There’s the inner block of foam and the cover that goes over this. The best guitar cushions have removable covers that you can clean to keep them fresh. 

These covers are typically made of either genuine leather of PU (polyurethane) synthetic leather. There’s not a whole lot of difference functionality- or durability-wise, but if you go with the PU option you should check to see if it offers a good grip on your guitar’s body. 

Finally, high-quality guitar cushions usually come with some sort of carrying case. This makes travel easier as well as protects the cover from snags and tears. A cushion probably won’t fit in your gig bag, so having a carrying case is essential to keeping it safe and easy to transport.

Why Might a Guitar Cushion Be Right for You?

If you’re serious about classical technique, guitar cushions are recommended by many pros. They’re one of the most comfortable ways to ensure your technique and posture stay dynamically relaxed

Perhaps you’ve tried a support and found it to be a hassle to set up and keep in position. Guitar cushions require no adjustment and are usually slip-free. 

Unlike guitar footrests, they’ll help you keep your spine straight and hips even, which prevents painful strain to these parts of your body. Like this, you’re apt to get much more out of your practices. 

In addition to this, I think guitar cushions look pretty elegant. If you think brace-style guitar supports throw off the organic looks of your playing with their awkward and mechanical appearance, guitar cushions can offer you stability while maintaining a natural aesthetic. 

Guitar Cushions vs. Guitar Supports vs. Guitar Footrests

Among the different methods of supporting your playing posture for styles that call for an elevated neck, there’s no best solution. They all have their pros and cons, and I’d say it’s best that you try out a variety if you’re having a hard time feeling comfortable when you play. 

Guitar footrests are nice because you keep close, intimate contact with your guitar’s body while you play. There’s no need to hassle with setting something between you and the instrument, so they’re simple to use. However, they’re generally not as easy to transport as other types of supports.

Brace-style guitar supports often offer adjustability as well as portability, so they’re nice if you like to have a range of angle options. Their main problem is they sometimes tend to not hold the guitar very securely. 

Cushions are the simplest method, requiring a simple place and play setup. However, they’re not adjustable, and you need to be careful not to cut their covers since they’re not very durable. 


I’d recommend you to experiment with as many different supports as you can, taking note of what works and what doesn’t. As important as proper playing posture is, I’d say the most vital tip is to not settle for uncomfortable positions and equipment. 

These are the best guitar cushions around if you find that this style of support is optimal for you. 

I hope that this guide helped you to choose the right guitar cushion for you. If you have any questions, leave a comment down below and feel free to share this post too.

I wish you all the best and keep rocking!

Teemu Suomala

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