5 Best Guitar Stands for Les Paul in 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Guitar Stand for Les Paul

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Best Overall

Hercules GS414B A/G

My Rating:


Best Wooden

Zither Wooden Guitar Stand

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Best Budget

NEUMA Guitar Stand

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Les Pauls, even the budget versions, are sweet, valuable guitars. 

When it’s not in your hands and you want to keep it within easy reach, you need the best of the best guitar stand for Les Paul to keep your axe safe and steady.

These stands will keep your guitar protected from falls and looking good in your room whenever you’ve got to put it down.

In this post, I’m going to recommend/review the following guitar stands:

Hercules GS414B A/G Guitar Stand
  • AGS yoke System for security
  • SFF rubber on the legs allow the guitar body to rest…
  • Holds up to 33 pounds

Zither Wooden Guitar Stand – Handcrafted Solid Mahogany Wood Floor…
  • Show off your prized instrument in any environment with…
  • Handcrafted using premium solid wood – No Particle…
  • Each stand is unique in color and grain pattern and has…
  • Display your guitars with confidence. Features the…
  • Your stand will get better with age. The hand rubbed…

MARTISAN Guitar Stand Folding Universal A frame Stand for All Guitars…
  • Superior Sturdy Steel & EVA – MARTISAN Guitar Stand is…
  • A Frame Foldable Design – This Metal…
  • Simple Stand for Easier Use – Compared with complicated…
  • Lightweight But Protective – If you’re looking for a…
  • No Risk Purchase Waranty – MARTISAN aims to provide…

Universal Guitar Stand by Hola! Music – Fits Acoustic, Classical,…
  • MAKE Sure to watch the Video on the left. Hola! Music…
  • Height-adjustable – fits most guitar shapes and is…
  • Yoke and neck rest feature nitrocellulose-safe padding…
  • Easily collapsible for convenient transport and storage
  • Don’t miss!! Full description, images and…

Guitar Stand, Neboic Real Hard Wood Electric Acoustic Bass Guitar…
  • 【Real Hard Wood Guitar Stand】This Guitar Stand is…
  • 【Collapsible and Portable Guitar Holder】This guitar…
  • 【Guitar Stand for Multiple Guitars】There are two…
  • 【Display Your Guitar like Art】 This Guitar Stand…
  • 【Important to Correctly Operation】Please follow…

Every one of these stands is here based on my 10-year experience and extensive research.

Let’s first look at these fine stands, and at the end of the post, you can find the FAQ section that helps you to make the best choice possible.

Use the table of content to jump to the section you want:

Best Guitar Stands for Les Paul

Best Overall/for Nitro Finish – Hercules GS414B A/G Guitar Stand


Hercules’ GS414B A/G stand is built for heavy instruments, so your Les Paul will be more than safe in its rugged hold.

It’s got well-spaced feet that hold your guitar at a perfect angle for balance and support. With its Auto Grip System, you can basically set it and forget it.


Hercules is one of the most trusted brands for Gibson’s high-quality guitars. They use Specially Formulated Foam that is rigorously tested on nitro finishes to ensure protection.

They’re strong, stable, and built to last, so taking this stand on the road with you is no worry at all.



  • Keeps guitars stable and in place with the Auto Grip System
  • Adapted for use with a wide variety of stringed instruments
  • Durable and strong build lasts a long time


  • Rubber can break down and make guitar sticky

With nitro safe foam at all contact points and an overall durable construction, the Hercules GS414B is a great stand for Les Pauls. It’s a little pricey, but well worth the protection it offers.

>>Check Price on Amazon<<


Best for Wooden – Zither Wooden Guitar Stand


This Zither Wooden Guitar Stand is the option to go with if you’re a high-class kind of person. Even without a flashy guitar, this stand is a work of art.

That’s because it’s an all-natural wooden frame topped off with a String Swing neck yoke. 

The wooden frame looks truly beautiful with a sturdy base that does a great job of supporting heavy guitars like Les Pauls. Its String Swing yoke is a trusted name for nitro safe equipment and will hold your Les Paul with no problem at all.


For a room stand, this is about as good as they come aesthetically speaking. 

You can choose between different finish options to accent your studio or house just the way you like.

It’s strong hardwood, so it certainly won’t crack under pressure.

If you’re looking for a stand to travel with, you might could do better than this one, as it doesn’t fold at all. But, it’s not that hard to disassemble, so with just a little effort, you can take it on the road.



  • Looks great thanks to natural wood construction
  • Nitro-safe String Swing neck yoke
  • Strong, solid build can take a beating


  • Heavy and hard to travel with

For me, I’m not really ever looking for a stand to be beautiful, but that’s my personal preference. If you care about elegance in all your equipment, Zither’s Wooden Guitar Stand is one of the most beautiful options to be had.

It’s definitely not cheap, but regality rarely comes at a low price. For those that value style, this stand is worth the money.

>>Check Price on Amazon<<


Best Budget/A-frame – NEUMA Guitar Stand Folding Universal A frame Stand


NEUMA’s universal stand is a great low-cost A-frame that does a wonderful job of holding your Les Paul. 

It’s got a strong steel frame with non-slip EVA foam on the body yokes to make sure your guitar doesn’t slip or slide out of place.

The legs are offset at an angle to add support and balance while your guitar is being held and capped with rubber feet to prevent any sliding around on the floor.

As a bonus, the yoke arms of this stand work to hold both electrics and acoustics, so your Les Paul will feel just as at home as your Taylor.


The steel goes a long way in adding to this stand’s build quality. It’s impact resistant and won’t dent or bend in most ordinary travel conditions.

It folds up for easy carrying, though it probably won’t fit inside your gig bag. This isn’t a big problem as it’s pretty lightweight and easy to keep in your hand or simply tie to your case.

Its EVA foam isn’t qualified as nitro safe, so you’ll need to be sure to wrap its contact points in cloth before using this stand with any high-end Les Paul.



  • Easy-to-use A-frame design that fits different guitar bodies
  • Well-balanced leg angle keeps stand secure
  • Lightweight; easy to fold and carry


  • Non-locking design can accidentally fold if not fully extended

For the price, this is one of the best Les Paul safe A-frame stands out there. It’s strong, stable, and easy to travel with, all at about as low a cost as stands ever sell for.

>>Check Price on Amazon<<


Most Affordable Tripod – Universal Guitar Stand by Hola!


Hola! Music does a pretty fine job of delivering a great Les Paul stand in their Universal model.

While it’s not quite as stable as the Hercules above, it’s by no means a dangerous place to set your guitar. You just have to adjust the balance of your neck a little bit to make sure it stays in place when you walk off.

It’s got nicely coated rubber feet to prevent slipping and sliding on the floor, and all in all, is a great stand for most electrics, Les Paul included.


This isn’t the most durable feeling stand on the market, so I’d be careful to make sure your heavy cabs don’t fall on top during travel and such. But, for the most part, it’s rather well put together.

It’s got nitro-safe foam at all contact points so you don’t have to worry much if you’ll be using it with a high-end Les Paul.

Its main issue is the neck yoke, which folds down just a bit too easily, so you really need to make sure it’s in place before you walk away.



  • Auto-locking legs ensure the stand is set up properly
  • All contact points covered in nitrocellulose safe foam
  • Compact folding allows for easy travel


  • Balance of the stand is a little off-center

If you’re careful, this stand will do a good job of keeping your Les Paul safe and stable. You can’t exactly use it mindlessly as you have to make sure your guitar is balanced. But if you’re willing to give a little time to this then it’s a great Les Paul stand.

Considering its price and overall positive attributes, this is one of the best guitar stands out there.

>>Check Price on Amazon<<


Best for Travel – Guitar Stand, Neboic Real Hard Wood


This stand is, as long as it holds together, as stable as any other A-frame.

It’s got a decent footprint to keep your guitar firmly planted and soft foam to protect your finish. 

The angle it reclines at feels altogether pretty safe, but I wouldn’t use this for a long period of time anywhere that the guitar could be bumped.


While this stand’s wooden frame sure looks good, its hinges are rather on the weak side. It can fall apart pretty easily under heavy use, so I definitely recommend it more as a home stand than road gear.

If you set it up in one place, it’s a nice, strong, stable stand that can show off your Les Paul in a beautiful way.



  • Sleek folding design fits inside gig bags
  • Attractive mahogany build looks great in a room
  • Fits Les Paul electrics as well as acoustics


  • Weak attachment points can break easily

Let’s say you do decide to chance its construction through the hardships of travel; well, it is amazingly collapsible and can easily fit in a gig bag.

If it holds up for you, you’ve got a really sleek A-frame stand that looks fantastic and has dependable protective foam.

The wood build adds to its cost a bit, so you might pay more than is expected for the typical A-frame, but if it doesn’t fall apart on you you’ll wind up with a really nice Les Paul-ready stand. 

>>Check Price on Amazon<<


The Final Verdict

It’s real tough for me to choose between the Hercules and the NEUMA here, as they’re both great stands in their own right. 

As I tend to prefer the grip security of tripods, I’ll go with the Hercules as my winner in this review. Not only is it strong and sturdy, but it’s nitro-safe as well, so you can entrust it with even the highest-priced Les Pauls. 

Neboic’s stand is my least favorite on this list, and just because it has a tendency to fall apart. If they’d strengthen up those joints, it could easily replace the NEUMA, but until then I’d say this is the lowest-ranked stand for Les Pauls.



What Makes a Great Guitar Stand for Les Paul?

Above all, the most important factor in choosing any guitar stand is stability.

A stand that can’t stay upright when it’s loaded down with your axe isn’t worth its weight. That’s why the stands on this list are all rated with stability first—fall damage is the last thing you want to happen to your precious Les Paul.

Aside from that, you want to look at things like build strength. Les Pauls are on the heavier end of electric guitars, so you want to choose a stand that can keep up.

This means looking at things like the resilience of the neck yoke and the durability of the legs. Great Les Paul stands should rank high in both these areas.

Now, you should definitely be aware that older or pricier Les Paul models often have a nitrocellulose finish. These nitro finishes are quite easy to damage, especially if used on the wrong stand.

If your guitar is nitro finished, be sure to choose nitro safe gear in order to find the best stand for your Les Paul.

I already gave you some nitro-safe options in this post, but you might want to check this article for more info: 5 Best Guitar Stands for Nitro Finish in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide.

Could the Continuous Use of a Guitar Stand Damage My Les Paul?

The question of whether a stand can cause any damage to your Les Paul or not depends on the guitar’s maker.

Those made by Epiphone use a poly finish that is totally stand safe. You can leave these guitars on a stand as long as your heart desires with no worry of stand rash or nitro burn.

That all changes if you’re the proud owner of a true Gibson Les Paul though. Gibson continues to make their Les Paul lines using a nitro finish that can be damaged by stands.

If you get a stand that isn’t rated nitro safe, you can solve this problem by wrapping all the contact points in soft cloth, ideally 100% cotton fiber.

Even this precaution, however, can’t completely protect a nitro finished Les Paul. That’s because nitro finishes are basically semi-liquid, so long-term pressure can smudge the finish by pushing it out of place.

For these nitro models, your best bet is to only leave your guitar on the stand for short periods of time—no more than a day—and otherwise keep it in the case when you’re not playing it.


When that fine Les Paul leaves your hands, you want to be sure it’s got the protection and security it deserves. 

Choosing any of these best guitar stands for Les Paul will give you that sense of solidity you need to be able to step away from practice for a little while.

These are great, dependable stands that I wouldn’t hesitate to entrust with my most prized guitars in those times I need to put them down.

I hope that this guide helped you to choose the stand for you. If you have any questions, leave a comment down below and feel free to share this post too.

I wish you all the best and keep rocking!

Teemu Suomala

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