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Best Multi-Guitar Wall Mounts and Hangers in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Photo shows readers multiple guitars hanged on to the wall

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Best Overall

Whiskey Barrel Stave Guitar Wall Mount

My Rating:


Best For Guitar Collection

String Swing SW5RL-S-K

My Rating:



On-Stage GS8500B 5-Space Guitar Hanger

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Hanging your guitars on the wall is a great way to keep your instruments safe and add a pop of fantastic art to your home’s decor. 

These best multi-guitar wall mounts will help you save on space, protect your guitars, and spice up your pad all with just a few screws and a little handy-work. 

In this article, we’ll look closer at these multi-guitar wall mounts:

Whiskey Barrel Stave Guitar Wall Mount/Guitar Hanger
  • Mounting holes 32″ apart to hit wall studs
  • Holds two guitars, basses, mandolins, ukuleles, or…
  • Made with a stave from a whiskey barrel out of a…
  • Includes mounting screws and mushroom buttons to cover…
  • Does not guarantee a stave with the bung hole in the…

String Swing 5 Guitar Rack Aluminum Slatwall Rail System 5 Electric or…
  • 5 Adjustable hangers and one 48 inch slatwall rail with…
  • Used by collectors and guitar shops everywhere because…
  • Tools required: Drill, 3/16 drill bit (wood works…
  • Durable silver vein powder coated aluminum slatwall….
  • Structural lifetime warranty; handmade in the U.S.A.

Guitar Hanger MX8482; Cherry, 48″ long
  • Hang Multiple Guitars
  • Hangers are easily repositionable & removable, head…
  • Fits 8 guitars turned sideways or 4 guitars facing…
  • Slat Fascia is Cherry, Edges are Natural
  • Hangers sold separately at $9.99/ea; search HKB926 for…

On-Stage GS8500B 5-Space Guitar Hanger
  • Constructed with heavy-duty black anodized aluminum,…
  • Includes 5 wall hangers, which extend 14.5″ from the…
  • Also features a 45-degree swivel right and left to…
  • EVA bumpers protect your axes’ headstock
  • Includes all mounting hardware

Every one of these wall mounts is here based on extensive research and 27+ years of experience on our team.

Let’s first look at these fine multi-guitar wall mounts, and at the end of the post, you can find the Buyer’s Guide section that helps you to make the best choice possible.

I also reveal a cheaper way to hang multiple guitars at the end.

Use the table of content to jump to the section you want:

Best Multi-Guitar Wall Mounts and Hangers

Best Overall – Whiskey Barrel Stave Guitar Wall Mount


As long as you install it correctly into your wall’s studs, this Whiskey Barrel Stave mount from Coyle Woodworks will hold them for a lifetime.

This is a high-quality dual guitar hanger, with two yokes set at a good angle that won’t let your guitars slip loose.


I love a simple product that does a good job, and this hanger is one of those. Its installation is super quick and easy, and once it’s up, that’s all there is to it. Simply set your guitars and go.

The installation screw holes are pre-drilled at 16-inch lengths to easily set into your wall studs. There’s no worry about installing yokes or adjusting their distances, as it’s all pre-set and ready to roll.


If all you’ve got is two guitars to hang, this is a beautiful piece that will get the job done. It’s high-quality whiskey barrel wood made to last, with thoroughly rubber covered yokes that won’t slip off the metal pegs.



  • Vintage-looking wooden hanger
  • Solidly holds two guitars
  • Can hang guitars, basses, banjos, ukuleles, and mandolins
  • Real wood from whiskey barrels


  • Limited to two instruments

While fairly expensive for only hanging two instruments, it’s a really unique type of multi guitar wall mount that will add a rustic touch to any room. It will hang your guitars dependably and look great while doing it.

>>Check Price on Amazon<<


Best For Guitar Collection – String Swing SW5RL-S-K Guitar Keeper Bundle


String Swing’s Guitar Keeper Bundle will be sure to keep your instruments safely mounted to the wall. Both Gibson and Fender use this product to display their guitars at tradeshows, trusting in its dependable hold. 


Holding five guitars or basses in place, this String Swing product is a good choice for multi-instrumentalists. The fact that it can be fitted with other types of yokes is great too if your musical abilities extend to other instrument categories.

The yokes can be pivoted a full 180-degrees in either direction, so you can display your instruments at your angle of choice and compensate for extra-wide bodies.

Unfortunately, the yoke arms of the Guitar Keeper Bundle stick out a foot from the wall. While this is great in ensuring that your guitars don’t knock against the wall, it’s a bit inconvenient in the space it requires.


This is a sturdy hanging unit made to last. The petroleum-based grip material is designed to prevent any damage to your guitar’s finish and is known to be good for nitro-finished instruments as well.



  • A showroom standard used by Gibson and Fender
  • Cradle material unlikely to react with nitrocellulose finishes
  • Yokes can pivot 180-degrees left or right
  • Can be outfitted with other yoke styles for holding different instruments


  • Extends far from the wall, reducing the space-saving benefit
  • Hanging yokes slide from side-to-side without a locking mechanism

There are some areas in which the SW5RL-S-K could be improved, but if stability is your number one purchasing factor, it’s one of the best for keeping your guitars where they should be.

>>Check Price on Amazon<<


Best Budget for Guitar Collection – diamondLife HSS148.CHR Guitar Hanger


The diamondLife HSS148.CHR is going to do the basics of holding your guitars on the wall and look nice while doing it.

The hanging yokes fit any standard-size acoustic or electric, as well as basses, and can support up to eight instruments. 

However, the yokes hold the neck a bit loosely, so you’ll need to take care not to bump your instruments while they’re hanging.


Assuming you can get this assembled, it’s as convenient a wall hanger as they come. Each yoke can be easily moved across the hanging rails and is capable of 180-degree swiveling so you can fit an arrangement of acoustics or electrics.

Do note, the yoke arms are sold separately from the wall system. You can buy either 6-inch or 12-inch arms to hang your guitars from. Many users have had a great experience with these: Set of Five Adjustable Guitar Instrument Hangers (link directs you to the Amazon).

Its major downfall is that it doesn’t come with either installation instructions or the hardware with which to install it. This is a huge setback in convenience that will require you to buy extra materials in order to use the hanger.


Once all the pieces are together and the rail is installed, this is a good multi guitar wall mount. Its only quality flaw is that the cherry-colored finish isn’t long-lasting and can chip off if you knock it against anything hard.



  • Attractive natural cherry finish
  • Holds up to eight guitars stored sideways
  • Yoke arms can be set at any desired spacing and have a 180-degree pivot
  • Secure and stable base fits between one and eight hanging yokes


  • Has no assembly instructions
  • Mounting hardware (screws, anchors, etc.) not included
  • Yoke arms must be purchased separately
  • The finish can easily peel and chip off

If you’re looking for a good-looking wall mount, there are few more attractive than this diamondLife system. But, good looks can’t save it from its relative inconvenience, and this wall mount doesn’t rank very high in my opinion.

>>Check Price on Amazon<<


Runner-Up for Guitar Collection – On-Stage GS8500B 5-Space Guitar Hanger


Looks can be deceiving, and this On-Stage GS8500B is testimony to that. At first glance, you might think there’s no way this thing can hold five guitars, but the yoke arms are a lot more sturdy than they look.

The yokes are rubberized and terminated by EVA bumpers that will keep your guitars from falling out even when jostled. 

The whole system is lightweight aluminum. If you install it correctly there’s no need to stress about it falling from the wall of its own accord.


Everything is included with this system, covering all the mounting hardware and the five yokes. Installation is easy once you find your wall studs since all the holes are pre-drilled into the aluminum frame.

After installation, any number of yokes can be set into place between one to five. They slide easily along the aluminum frame, making it simple to hang an assortment of different body styles.

45-degree swivel features on the yokes allow you to adjust the hanging angle to your preferred setting.


The best thing about this wall mount is the addition of EVA bumpers at the ends of the yokes. The whole yoke covering is a dependable material that will keep a good hold on your guitars and endure many years of continuous use.

Its black anodized aluminum frame is corrosion-resistant. There’s no need to fret about rust degrading this hanger over time.



  • Sleek, all-black design
  • Sturdy hangers support up to five guitars
  • Yoke arms keep guitars safely away from the wall
  • 45-degree swivel on each yoke to position to your liking


  • Yoke arms are an unconventional 14 inches long
  • Looks unstable though it isn’t 

If you don’t mind the 14-inch yoke arms, this is one of the most stable wall hangers on the list. It’s a bit pricey but costs much less than the repairs will be if your guitars fall off a lower quality mount.

>>Check Price on Amazon<<


Best Budget for 2 or 3 Guitars – Musician’s Gear Triple Guitar Hanger


Hey, simple’s never a bad thing in my opinion. This Musician’s Gear Triple Guitar Hanger is a no-frills, nothing fancy wall mount system that can hold three guitars in set positions. 

The rubber-coated yokes ensure a non-slip grip on the headstock. They’re set into the wood base at fixed distances, so there’s no worry of the yokes slipping and crashing your instruments into each other.


This wall mount takes only three screws to install, and their holes are pre-drilled at a 16-inch spacing to work with your wall studs. 

All you have to do to install it is find your studs, set the mount level, and drill in the screws. There’s nothing more to it.

Some people crave flexibility, but if you’re simply looking for a way to get your guitars on the wall fast, this is a great system.


My grandpa was fond of saying “the more features something has, the more things will need to be fixed.” 

This Musician’s Gear guitar mount is a product my grandpa would have loved. It’s low-cost and does the bare essentials of what a guitar mount is supposed to do; that is, keep your guitars stable against the wall. 

All it has is a strong wooden rail and three sturdy yokes, so there’s very little that can go wrong with it and it should last at least as long as your house does.



  • Low cost
  • Simple installation
  • Holds three guitars or basses
  • Fewer features mean fewer things that can go wrong


  • Looks plain and boring
  • Has no swivel yokes or other special features

I’d say this wall hanger has a cost-to-function ratio of 1:1 – perfectly balanced. It’s straight up and to the task, so if you’re not looking for anything fancy, I’d suggest this one.

>>Check Price on Guitar Center<<



My favorite of these guitar wall hangers is Coyle Woodworks Whiskey Barrel Stave Guitar Wall Mount. It looks amazing, and although it only holds two guitars, it keeps them safe and sound with ultra-stable yokes.

I’m not a huge fan of the diamondLife model since you have to buy the yokes separately. Also, its lack of installation instructions leaves too much to chance. Assuming you can figure out how to install it it’s a good rack, but I wouldn’t want to take my chances at guessing the right way to set it up.


Multi-Guitar Wall Mounts – Buyer’s Guide

Why a Multi Guitar Wall Mount Might Be the Right Choice for You

Guitar wall hangers are my favorite way to store my instruments. I think they look great and are unbeatable when it comes to keeping your guitar stored safely and conveniently.

Are guitar wall mounts the right choice for you? Let’s take a look at a few things that might qualify them for your best guitar storage option:

Promoting Practice

There’s the old adage, “out of sight, out of mind.” When my guitar is in its case, that case gets tucked out of the way into a corner, and I start playing with much less frequency.

To prevent yourself from getting rusty or lagging on your practice time, it’s a good idea to keep your guitars somewhere you’ll see them often. 

With a wall hanger keeping your guitar conveniently in your line of sight, odds are that you’ll find yourself playing more often than you would if the guitar is stored in a case. If you’d like to practice more, guitar wall hangers can help that become a reality.

Safe and Sound Storage

Guitar stands are great in terms of convenience, but if your music room is frequented by children or energetic pets, the chances of a toppling stand are pretty high.

With many stands, all it takes is a slight bump to knock them off balance. Next thing you know, your guitar’s on the ground, possibly in pieces.

Guitar wall mounts keep your instruments safely snug against the wall and out of harm’s way. You can protect your guitars from happy dogs and grabby toddlers by hanging them out of reach.


Cases and stands can have pretty big footprints, occupying valuable square footage that could be better put to use.

Unless you have a lot of art, your walls are probably mostly unused real estate. Especially when you’re living in tight quarters, hanging your guitars using wall mounts can free up a lot of floor space.

By using guitar hangers, you can utilize an area of your house that otherwise might not be used at all.

Are Wall Hangers Bad for Guitars?

If you go to a music store, almost every guitar will be on a wall mount. Some models might sit there for years at a time. Would a guitar shop store its valuable merchandise in a way that causes damage? I think not. I made a post about wall hanging where I dive a deeper with this subject, check it out if you want more info: Are Guitar Wall Hangers Bad For The Guitar?

As long as you’re regularly playing, cleaning, and maintaining your guitars, wall hangers aren’t bad for them. When hung for an extended period of time, the neck may bend a bit, but this can easily be fixed with a truss rod adjustment.

You should keep in mind that the room’s humidity is good for guitar storage and guitars are not in direct sunlight for long. This article has all the information you need to know about keeping your guitars in the proper environment.

What Makes a Good Multi-Guitar Wall Mount?

The most important factors in choosing a good multi guitar wall mount are security and stability. The last thing you want to happen after you’ve hung your guitar is for it to crash to the floor.

Commonly, the cause of these mishaps is user error. Guitar hangers won’t stick around on the market for long if they don’t do their one job. However, they can’t perform properly if they’re not installed correctly.

It’s very important you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on rigging up your hanger to prevent it from coming loose from the wall and consequently damaging your instruments.

The next factor to consider is weight capacity. Most multi guitar wall hangers will be rated for each slot to be filled with an electric bass, but be sure to keep the total weight of your instrument collection in mind when choosing the best mount for you.

Multi guitar wall hangers should also be convenient. If it’s a hassle to hang or dismount your guitar, pass on for a better option.

Finally, the quality of materials and overall value should be taken into consideration. You want to choose a product that will last a long time. Ensure that the yoke (the piece the guitar hangs into) is covered with an inert material that has a good grip and won’t damage the finish of the neck or headstock.

Other Ways to Hang Multiple Guitars (Cheaper)

Photo shows readers a way to store multiple guitars on the wall

You can hang multiple guitars like this too.

If you want to space your guitars around the room, you can choose a multi-pack of individual guitar wall mounts rather than a single multi guitar unit.

Multi-packs of wall mounts give you a wider range of choices in both product and its placement in your space. You can mix and match different models to best suit each instrument, or stick to one trusted design for all your needs.

A couple of my favorite guitar mount multi-packs are the String Swing 3 pack CC01K-BW and the VEIDIA Guitar Wall Mount.

The String Swing 3 pack CC01K-BW is a well-loved model that can hold a variety of different instruments thanks to its swivel-yoke design. They’re very easy to install so you can have your guitars up and on the wall in a matter of minutes. The quality of these wall hangers is high. If you are interested, check the price on Amazon.

VEIDIA Guitar Wall Mounts can fit nearly any stringed instrument. They’re sold in packs of four or six that have all the necessary hanging hardware, including drywall anchors in case you don’t have a stud everywhere you’d like to hang an instrument. VEIDIA wall mount is a great budget option, but the padding is not as durable as in String Swing hangers. If this budget option interests you, check the price on Amazon.


If you decide to hang your guitars on the wall, these are one the best multi guitar wall mounts you can find. They’ll keep your guitars where you want them and make storing your guitars not only easy but aesthetically-pleasing as well. 

I hope that this post helped you to choose the best wall mount for you. If you have any questions leave a comment down below. Feel free to share this post too.

If you think that a guitar rack(multi-guitar stand) might be a better option for you, this article will help you out: 5 Best Multi-Guitar Stands and Guitar Racks in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

I wish you all the best and keep rocking!

Author: Tommy Tompkins
Author: Tommy Tompkins

Playing guitar since 2004. Primarily an acoustic guitarist who plays and writes traditional American folk music, with a background in melodic metal and a solid foundation as a bassist.

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