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Author: Teemu Suomala

I first grabbed the guitar in 2009. I started this website in January 2020 because I couldn’t do window installation anymore due to my health problems. I love guitars and have played dozens and dozens of different guitars through different amps and pedals over the years, and also, building a website interested me, so I decided to just go for it! I got lucky and managed to get awesome people to help me with my website.

I also got lucky because I have you visiting my website right now. Thank you. I do all this for you guys. If you have any recommendations, tips, or feedback, just leave a comment, I would love to chat with you. I have also been fortunate to produce content for several large guitar websites, such as SongsterrMusicnotesGuitarGuitar, and Ultimate Guitar.

I spend my spare time exercising and hanging out with my wife and crazy dog (I guess that went the right way…).

Ever found yourself lost in the rabbit hole of guitar videos on YouTube? It’s a treasure trove filled with engaging and awesome channels designed to both entertain and educate you about all things guitar.

But here’s the million-dollar question: are these channels worth your time? Cant they really make you progress?

Absolutely. Many of these lessons boast high production quality, presented by guitar virtuosos, and the best part? They’re free. Well, not “free lunch” free (you most likely have to watch some ads, etc,), but free in the sense that your wallet stays untouched!

One of YouTube’s trump cards is convenience, enabling learners to delve into tutorials on their own terms, at their own pace. Its diverse array of channels caters to various genres, skill levels, and techniques, allowing you to fine-tune your musical journey.

Choosing the right channel to hone your guitar skills, however, can be a maze in itself…

Fear not, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you and curated the 11 standout YouTube channels that offer free guitar lessons, sure to dial up your skills. These channels boast seasoned instructors and musicians who don’t just know their craft, they’re masters at distilling their experience into bite-sized wisdom packages called videos for guitar enthusiasts like us.

Ready to dive into this power-packed list? Let’s rock and roll!

11 Youtube Guitar Lesson Channels You Should Check Out

1. Marty Music

displays Marty Music Youtube channel profile photo
Channel NameSubscribersVideosApproximate Publishing Frequency
Marty Music3.82M+2.6K6 times per week

Let’s kick things off with Marty Music, a YouTube guitar channel that’s become a sensation under the watchful eyes (and nimble fingers) of Marty Schwartz. With a dedicated fanbase of over 3.8 million subscribers, Marty’s channel is an expansive library of guitar lessons and tutorials that caters pretty much to every genre, technique, and skill level imaginable.

With two decades of guitar teaching experience under his belt, Marty has amassed a legion of followers. And for a reason…

What sets Marty apart is his teaching style – patient, crystal clear, and brimming with enthusiasm. This winning combination creates a positive and engaging learning atmosphere, allowing his viewers to absorb lessons with ease. His passion and proficiency for teaching guitar echo through every video he uploads, marking him as a respected stalwart in the online guitar community.

I personally have enjoyed learning from Marty’s beginner blues lessons in the past (I’m till a blues beginner, haha).


  • In-depth, comprehensive lessons
  • A vast repertoire of content
  • Thriving online community
  • Walkthroughs of famous songs, riffs, and solos
  • Marty covers tons of different songs and genres


  • Lessons may occasionally be on the faster side
  • Advanced players might crave more challenging content

If you want to know more about the Youtube channel, Marty Music, check out one of his most-viewed videos:

YouTube video

2. Paul Davids

displays Paul Davids Youtube channel profile photo
Channel NameSubscribersVideosApproximate Publishing Frequency
Paul Davids3.21M+4062 times per week

Paul Davids’ YouTube guitar channel is a virtuoso performance where talent and high-quality meets teaching. His awe-inspiring guitar skills paired with a deep-seated understanding of music theory harmonize into an engaging educational melody. Combine this with ultra-high production quality and you got one of the best Youtube guitar channels under your eyes.

More than just a guitar maestro on YouTube with over eight years of resonating presence, Paul carries the high note of a bachelor’s degree in music from the Rotterdam Conservatory. With an audience of beyond 3.2 million subscribers, he stands tall as a virtuoso in the guitar teaching sphere.

Paul’s approach to teaching is like a well-composed guitar solo. He meticulously breaks down his lessons for effortless comprehension and quicker tempo pick-up. His calming voice is a soothing accompaniment to his detailed lessons, turning his channel into a serene oasis of learning, despite the complexity of some of the topics.

His channel hosts an ensemble of guitar-related content including lessons, tutorials, gear reviews, song breakdowns, and even original compositions.


  • Paul Davids’ blend of extraordinary guitar skills, zeal, and musical wisdom
  • Cinematic quality of the video lessons
  • Ability to clearly deconstruct complex techniques and theories
  • A nurturing and supportive community, encouraging viewers to interact and share their progress


  • Lessons may be more fine-tuned for intermediate and advanced players, leaving beginners seeking beginner-specific guitar lessons strumming in the air
  • The broad range of topics covered might result in a lack of deep dives into specific genres or techniques
  • Occasional sponsored content or product placements might hit a sour note with some viewers

If you want to learn how to play some iconic riffs, check out this video from the YouTube channel, Paul Davids:

YouTube video

3. Justin Guitar

displays JustinGUitar Youtube channel profile photo
Channel NameSubscribersVideosApproximate Publishing Frequency
JustinGuitar1.66M+1.1K1 per month

Strumming into our list next is Justin Guitar, an esteemed YouTube channel spearheaded by Justin Sandercoe. As a professional guitarist and instructor with two decades of experience, Justin has plucked his way into the hearts of countless online and offline students, making him a trusted name in the realm of guitar instruction.

Justin’s videos echo with his affable and approachable, down-to-earth personality, creating an environment where learning feels like a jam session with a friend. He’s celebrated for his patient teaching approach, as well as his knack for simplifying even the most intricate guitar concepts into digestible, easy-to-understand lessons.

His unwavering commitment to offering high-quality, free guitar education has strummed a chord with a loyal following, catapulting his channel into one of the top go-to resources for guitarists across the skill spectrum.

From various genres and techniques to different skill levels, Justin’s channel is a melody of guitar lessons and tutorials. His teaching style—patient and incredibly beginner-friendly—turns learning guitar into a breezy and enjoyable journey.


  • A comprehensive curriculum that rolls out the red carpet for beginners
  • A methodical approach to mastering the guitar
  • Supplemental goodies like song lessons, practice routines, and music theory deep dives


  • Progression can feel like a slow ballad for advanced players
  • A lack of specialized lessons and advanced techniques

If you are a novice guitar player, you should check out this video from Justin Guitar:

YouTube video

4. Andy Guitar

displays Andy Guitar Youtube channel profile photo
Channel NameSubscribersVideosApproximate Publishing Frequency
Andy Guitar2.51M+1.5K1 times per week

Next up, we’re tuning into the Andy Guitar channel on YouTube, hosted by the ever-inspiring Andy Crowley. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and experience, Andy’s guitar teaching prowess is as profound as a well-played melody. His deep roots in music education and extensive years teaching guitar lend a touch of authenticity to his channel.

Andy’s teaching style, is similar to Justin Guitar’s, it’s like a friendly jam session – cordial, patient, and all about making guitar learning a smooth ride for beginners. Of course, Andy’s teaching style and personality are different from Justin’s but watching both of these guys’ videos feels like hanging out with a friend.

Andy’s lessons are clear and concise, along with his structured approach, makes it easy for learners to strum along and scale up their guitar skills. Add to this mix his warm, supportive personality, and you have a learning environment as uplifting as a soaring guitar solo.

Andy Guitar is known for strumming a wide range of guitar lessons and tutorials that are perfectly pitched for beginners and intermediate players.


  • Andy’s talent for unpacking complex concepts into simple, easy-to-grasp explanations
  • A comprehensive library of lessons spanning various genres and techniques
  • A meticulously structured beginner’s course that lays a solid foundation for new players
  • The channel amplifies learning with supplemental resources such as chord charts and practice routines
  • Well structured playlists


  • Advanced players looking for a faster tempo or more challenging material might find the pace of the lessons a bit slow

Are you eager to play songs with your guitar? You can watch this video from Andy Guitar:

YouTube video

You might also want to check out our ultimate guide for beginner guitar chords, so you can add more chords in your arsenal.

5. Eric Haugen Guitar

displays Eric Haugen Guitar Youtube channel profile photo
Channel NameSubscribersVideosApproximate Publishing Frequency
Eric Haugen Guitar166K+4361 per week

Next on our list is the fast-growing Eric Haugen Guitar, a YouTube channel helmed by none other than Eric Haugen himself. A proud alumnus of Berklee College of Music, Eric’s skills as a guitarist and instructor have earned him a following of over 165 thousand subscribers and counting.

Eric’s channel is a rich tapestry of guitar content, ranging from informative lessons and tutorials to in-depth gear reviews and soul-stirring performance videos. With his meticulous and patient teaching style, Eric breaks down lessons in a way that’s easily digestible, making his channel a great pit stop for beginners and intermediate players on their guitar journey. His repertoire covers various genres, techniques, and theoretical underpinnings, offering a 360-degree learning experience.


  • Clear, thorough explanations that don’t leave you scratching your head
  • Exceptional knack for simplifying complex concepts
  • An engaging teaching style that keeps you hooked


  • Occasional marathon-length videos could test your attention span
  • The dearth of lessons for advanced maestros

Check out the channel’s most-viewed video to get a glimpse of what lessons it can offer you:

YouTube video

6. Robert Renman’s Master Guitar Academy

displays Robert Renman's Master Guitar Academy Youtube channel profile photo
Channel NameSubscribersVideosApproximate Publishing Frequency
Robert Renman’s Master Guitar Academy176K9191 times per month

Turning up the volume on our list is the Robert Renman’s Master Guitar Academy, a celebrated YouTube channel curated by Robert Renman, a guitarist, and instructor with a knack for making strings sing. Particularly noteworthy is his proficiency in jazz and blues guitar, which reverberates through each piece of his content.

Robert’s teaching approach is akin to a finely tuned guitar – detailed, insightful, and pitched towards intermediate and advanced players. His passion for jazz and blues genres rings true in his lessons, diving deep into the world of improvisation, chord voicings, and advanced techniques.

With an engaging personality that’s as vibrant as a well-strummed chord, Robert zeroes in on offering valuable nuggets of wisdom to help guitarists fine-tune their skills. His channel is a musical mosaic of guitar content, spanning everything from lessons and tutorials to gear demos and theoretical deep dives.

How transform into a Party Jukebox everyone Admires in 5 days?

As highlighted earlier, the standout strum of Master Guitar Academy is Robert’s expertise in jazz and blues guitar, so if that’s your thing, go and check this channel out ASAP!


  • Robert’s impressive jazz and blues guitar knowledge
  • High-quality content with a strong emphasis on music theory
  • Valuable gear and equipment insights
  • Treasure trove of lessons for advanced players


  • Beginners might hit a bit of a learning wall due to the advanced nature of the content
  • Don’t publish as frequently as some of the other channels
  • Doesn’t strum as wide a range of genres as some other channels

If you want to learn some blues licks and add them to your bags of tricks, you should watch this video from Master Guitar Academy:

YouTube video

You might want to check also our ultimate guide for blues riffs and licks

7. Guitar Jamz

displays GuitarJamz Youtube channel profile photo
Channel NameSubscribersVideosApproximate Publishing Frequency
GuitarJamz2.31M+3.5K4 times per week

Next up, we have Guitar Jamz, another popular YouTube guitar channel where Marty Schwartz, the familiar face we introduced earlier, plays a starring role. With a robust following of over 2.3 million subscribers, this channel serves up a diverse menu of guitar lessons and tutorials for every genre, skill level, and technique. And if you’re wondering, it’s not just Marty’s show – several other brilliant guitar instructors also share their magic on this platform.

Marty, with his years of guitar teaching experience, is a maestro at various musical styles and techniques. His teaching vibe is, as we already know, enthusiastic, and all about making the art of guitar learning accessible to everyone. His patient demeanor and knack for dissecting complex concepts into bite-sized steps have earned him an encore among his learning audience.


  • Clear, concise explanations that hit all the right notes
  • A suite of supplemental resources, including chord charts, tabs, and jam tracks, amplifies the learning experience
  • A talent for transforming complex concepts into manageable steps
  • Several talented instructors


  • The tempo of the lessons can occasionally kick into high gear
  • Guitar virtuosos seeking advanced techniques or specialized genres might need to supplement this channel with other resources

For more detailed instructions on how to play some acoustic blues licks, you should check out this video from the Guitar Jamz channel:

YouTube video

8. Active Melody

displays Active Melody Youtube channel profile photo
Channel NameSubscribersVideosApproximate Publishing Frequency
Active Melody514K+8391 time per week

Up next on our stage is Active Melody, a popular YouTube guitar channel tuned by Brian Kelly. Brian, an accomplished guitarist and instructor, is lauded for his mastery of blues guitar.

His teaching style is like a well-strummed blues tune – detailed, patient, and devoted to helping guitarists refine their bluesy skills. Brian’s step-by-step breakdown of licks, chords, and techniques creates an accessible learning groove for various skill levels. With an engaging and supportive personality, Brian sets the stage for a warm and welcoming learning experience.

Specializing in the art of blues guitar, Active Melody serves up an enticing array of content, from tutorials and lick breakdowns to jam tracks and music theory discussions.


  • Comprehensive and well-orchestrated lessons
  • Inclusion of jam tracks that gives learners a chance to jam out while practicing their skills
  • A vibrant community where guitarists can engage in lively exchanges with Brian and fellow learners
  • Brians love & knowledge for blues shines through


  • Lessons may be more attuned to intermediate and advanced players, leaving beginners feeling a bit off-key
  • The channel’s blues-centric focus may not strum the right chord for those interested in other genres
  • While free content is in the mix, a paid membership grants access to premium-level lessons (this might be music to some ears)

If you wanna learn the basic knowledge of scales, check out this lesson from Active Melody:

YouTube video

9. Musora

displays Musora Youtube channel profile photo
Channel NameSubscribersVideosApproximate Publishing Frequency
Musora1.04M+6271 time per month

Strumming from the e-learning music platform Musora, Guitareo is a YouTube guitar channel that tunes in hosts Nate Savage, Ayla Tesler-Mabe, and more. Catering to beginners and intermediate players, it strums a wide range of guitar lessons and tutorials.

No novice to the online teaching scene, Nate Savage and Ayla Tesler-Mabe do an excellent job teaching beginners the basics. One strum through Musora’s videos, and the relaxed, laid-back vibe is immediately apparent. The lessons feel as personal as a one-on-one session, making learning feel like an interactive jam session.

Thanks to step-by-step instructions, learning is both as enjoyable and fun on Musora. If you’re a fan of detailed explanations and enjoy understanding the inner workings of strumming, playing chords, or even holding your guitar correctly, you’re in for a treat.


  • Crystal-clear and structured teaching approach
  • Excellent for complete beginners
  • A comprehensive library of lessons strumming through various genres and techniques
  • Amplified learning experience with supplemental resources like chord charts, tabs, and practice routines


  • Some might find the tempo of the lessons a tad slow
  • Limited appeal to those shredding at advanced levels

If you want to begin your guitar lesson straightaway, check this video from Guitareo:

YouTube video

10. Your Guitar Academy

displays Your Guitar Academy Youtube channel profile photo
Channel NameSubscribersVideosApproximate Publishing Frequency
Your Guitar Academy124K2.1K6 times per week

Riding the chords from a well-established guitar education platform, Your Guitar Academy is a YouTube guitar channel that hosts a medley of experienced instructors from the platform itself.

Looking for a diverse gig of guitar teaching styles? Your Guitar Academy could be your new playlist. The instructors may vary, but a constant high note is their palpable passion, reverberating through every video.

Their teaching approach is as comprehensive as a greatest hits album, catering perfectly to fresh beginners and even intermediate-level rockstars. Learning guitar is about striking the right chords with confidence, and this channel aims to amplify that trait in your journey of six strings.

While the backstage stories and credentials of the instructors might not be in the spotlight, their stellar ability to teach beginners takes center stage in the video lessons.

The channel strums across various genres, techniques, and skill levels, orchestrating a symphony of learning experiences for guitarists from all walks of life.


  • Methodically arranged and well-orchestrated lessons
  • Handy extras like tabs and backing tracks on standby
  • A wide range of genres, techniques, and skill levels for a concert-worthy learning experience
  • Instructors’ varying teaching styles and personalities could be an exciting riff for different viewers


  • Some may find the lessons as long as a prog-rock song
  • Occasional heavy strumming on promoting their paid online lessons
  • The different teaching styles and personalities may not strike a chord with every viewer

If you want to learn how to play the major pentatonic scale, watch this lesson brought to you by Your Guitar Academy:

YouTube video

11. ArtistWorks

displays ArtistWorks Youtube channel profile photo
Channel NameSubscribersVideosApproximate Publishing Frequency
ArtistWorks150K8705 times per week

Taking the stage next is ArtistWorks, a celebrated YouTube guitar channel that turns online learning into an immersive experience. Its diverse offerings encompass everything from in-depth lessons and tutorials to masterclasses that feel like private concerts and stunning performance pieces.

At the heart of ArtistWorks are the instructors – think accomplished musicians and industry stalwarts such as Keith Wyatt, Paul Gilbert, and Bryan Sutton. They inject their expert guidance and seasoned insights into every lesson, providing learners with a front-row seat to their wisdom.

The ace up ArtistWorks’ sleeve is its interactive and personalized learning framework. It’s as easy as hitting ‘record’ – students can upload videos of their performances and receive tailored feedback from instructors. This creates a dynamic, real-time learning ecosystem that’s hard to beat. Covering a multitude of genres and skill levels, ArtistWorks has something for everyone, from newbie strummers to veteran shredders.


  • High-caliber instruction from world-class guitarists
  • An expansive treasure trove of lessons and resources
  • Lessons for different instruments, such as mandolin, banjo, and violin


  • Access to premium lessons comes with a subscription model that might see your bank balance on a monthly or yearly basis
  • Flexibility could sometimes hit a sour note when it comes to specific tutorials and techniques
  • Lots of lessons for other instruments (such as mandolin, violin, etc.) can make navigating the channel confusing

If you are looking for a great lesson from one of the best guitar players, you should check out this video:

YouTube video

Runner-Ups That Just Missed The Top 11

How to Choose The Right Youtube Channel to Learn From?

Choosing the right YouTube channel to kick-start or advance your guitar journey can be made easier with this common-sense method:

  1. Scan for channels hosted by seasoned guitar instructors with a firm grasp on music theory and technique.
  2. Assess the channel’s content spectrum to make sure it aligns with your skill level and musical preferences.
  3. Select a channel that showcases a teaching style in harmony with your learning pace.
  4. Tune in to the reviews and comments from the community of viewers to hit the right chord on the quality and effectiveness of the lessons.
  5. Give due consideration to the channel’s production value and the clarity of video/audio quality. A channel that scores high on production quality can significantly amplify your learning experience.


Can You Learn Guitar Through YouTube?

Yes, you can definitely learn guitar through YouTube. YouTube offers great guitar tutorials, lessons, and instructional videos suitable for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players. Many skilled and experienced guitarists share their knowledge and techniques on YouTube, making it a valuable resource for learning guitar. You can find tutorials on chords, scales, strumming patterns, songs, and various genres of music. 

Additionally, YouTube allows you to learn at your own pace and revisit videos whenever you need to practice or refresh your memory. However, it’s important to supplement YouTube lessons with consistent practice and seek personalized guidance if needed.

Is it Possible to Self-teach Guitar?

Yes, it is possible to self-teach guitar. With online resources and instructional videos, you can learn the basics. However, it requires discipline, consistency, and patience. Seeking occasional guidance from a teacher or joining a community of guitarists can speed-up your learning and address specific challenges.

What is The Best Age for Guitar Lessons?

The best age for guitar lessons can vary from person to person. Generally, children as young as 4 to 6 can begin learning guitar with proper guidance and age-appropriate instruction. However, it’s never too late to start. Teenagers and adults can also benefit from guitar lessons at any age. The key is to have the interest, motivation, and dedication to practice regularly and continue learning and improving regardless of age.

Are Youtube Guitar Lessons Any Good?

Absolutely, YouTube serves as a prolific platform for learning guitar. With an extensive array of tutorials, lessons, and instructive videos apt for novices, intermediates, and experts alike, YouTube embodies a treasure trove of guitar knowledge and techniques. It hosts resources on a wide range of topics, including chords, scales, strumming patterns, songs, and diverse musical genres.

Moreover, YouTube’s flexibility allows you to progress at your own pace and refer back to the videos as and when required for practice or recap. However, remember that the effectiveness of YouTube lessons can be optimized through regular practice and personalized mentorship if necessary.

What Alternative Ways There Are to Learn Guitar?

Here’s a couple of other methods for learning guitar (we already discussed Youtube lessons):
-Self teaching by using books
-Hiring a guitar teacher
-Paid guitar learning platforms
-Self teaching by using trial and error (slowest mehtod)
-Learn songs by using tabs (learn how to read tabs here)
-Learn chords and ply songs using them (learn how to read chord charts here)


If you’re passionate about learning guitar and ready to take your playing to the next level, it’s time to explore the wealth of knowledge available on YouTube guitar channels. 

Take action now and watch and subscribe to some of the 11 best YouTube channels for free guitar lessons!  Whether you’re seeking beginner lessons, advanced techniques, or specific genres, there’s surely a channel for you.

Keep rocking!

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