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27 Easy Blues Songs on Guitar For Beginnners (With Tabs)

Easy Blues Songs on Guitar

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It’s super important to find easy songs to learn from your favorite genre. And clearly, you are into blues. This post will definitely get you started with learning some simple blues masterpieces.

All of the songs included in this post are pretty easy to play. Of course, some of these songs include some trickier parts, but in general, these are easy to play.

Let’s first quickly look at how to use this post and then you can start learning some amazing blues songs.

Use the table of content to jump to the section you want:

How to use this post: 

Songs are organized by release year.

Scroll down and select your favorites.

If you click:

  • the song name, you can listen to it on YouTube.
  • the ‘’chords’’, you will be directed to the page where you can learn chords for that songs.
  • the ’’tab’’, you will find tabs for that songs (if you don’t know how to read tabs, check this guide).
  • the ”interactive tabs”, you will be directed to the Songsterr or Ultimate Guitar interactive tab.
  • I also included a couple links to helpful Youtube-video lessons.

All the chords and tabs are provided through trusted ””, ”Chordify”, or ””.

Without further to do, here are the songs:

27 Easy Blues Songs on Guitar For Beginners

Crosscut saw – Albert King (1941)

>Chords<         >Interactive tabs<

T Bone Shuffle – T Bone Walker (1947)        

This melodic blues classic is a great song to master if you are into older blues. It includes fun to play licks between vocals, and the guitar really acts as ”a second vocalist”.

>Chords<        >Tabs<        >Interactive tabs<

Boogie Chillen – John Lee Hooker (1948)                                 

>Tabs<        >Interactive tabs<

I’m a man – Bo Diddley (1955)

>Chords<        >Tabs< 

Mannish Boy –  Muddy Waters (1955)                                      

>Tabs<        >Interactive tabs<

I Put a Spell On You Screamin’ Jay Hawkins (1956)


Smockestack Lightning – Howlin Wolf (1956)

>Tabs<        >Interactive tabs<

I Can’t Quit You Baby – Willie Dixon (1956)


Baby What You Want Me To Do – By Jimmy Reed (1959)

>Chords<       >Youtube Video Lesson<

The Sky Is Crying – Elmore James (1960)


Boom Boom – John Lee Hooker (1961)

>Chords<        >Tabs<        >Interactive tabs<

The Stumble – Freddie King (1961)

This blues instrumental has been recorded by many blues artists, but the original Freddie King version is still the best one in my opinion. The songs challenges you a little bit, but with a little practice, this song is definitely not impossible to learn.

>Tabs<        >Interactive tabs<

Kindhearted Woman Blues – Robert Johnson (1961)

>Chords<        >Tabs<        >Interactive tabs<

Rock Me BabyBB King (1964)

>Tabs<        >Interactive tabs<

Born Under A Bad Sign – Albert King (1967)

>Chords<        >Tabs<        >Interactive tabs<

LucilleBB King (1968)

>Interactive tabs<

The Thrill is Gone – BB King (1969)                                         

>Chords<        >Tabs<         >Interactive tabs<

Ain’t No Sunshine – Bill Withers (1971)                                   

>Chords<        >Tabs<       >Interactive tabs<

Alberta – Eric Clapton (1977)                                                     

>Chords<        >Tabs<        >Interactive tabs<

Who Do You LoveBo Diddley (1978)

>Chords<        >Tabs<   

Sweet Home Chicago – The Blues Brothers (1980)

>Chords<        >Interactive tabs<

Bad to The Bone – George Thorogood & The Destroyers (1982)

>Tabs<        >Interactive tabs<

Mary Had a Little Lamb – Steve Ray Vaughan (1986)

Songs written by Steve Ray Vaughan are generally not the easiest to play. Mary Had a Little Lamb is probably the hardest songs on this list, but it’s still one of the easiest Steve Ray Vaughan blues-pieces. So if you are ready for a little challenge, this is for you.

>Tabs<        >Interactive tabs<

Damn Right I’ve Got the Blues – Buddy Guy (1991)


Nobody knows when you’re down and out – Eric Clapton (1992)

>Chords<        >Tabs<        >Interactive tabs<

Suitcase – Keb Mo (2006)

>Chords<        >Tabs<   

Redemption – Joe Bonamassa (solo is not so easy) (2018)

>Chords<     >Intro Lesson Youtube Video<      >Intro Tabs<      >Solo Video Lesson Youtube<


How to Learn Hard Songs? – 3 Simple Steps

Although it’s a good idea to learn some easy songs at first so that you can maintain your motivation…but it’s an even better idea to always try to improve your skills.

That’s why you probably should learn some harder songs, riffs, and solos too!

 The hardest parts for me are usually fast chord shifts and super fast and complex guitar solos. If I find myself struggling with some songs, I usually do this:

  1. learn to play the song correctly at a very slow speed
  2. speed up the playing with small steps
  3. practice the hard parts more than others

These steps have helped me to learn many hard songs, riffs, and solos. The time period spent practicing varies, but eventually, songs start to sound right at the correct speed. That’s how real skills are developed, with practice, practice, and practice. But the end goal is worth all the hard work.


I hope that you find blues songs to master from this post!

However, it’s always a good idea that you cover some basic things about the guitar ASAP. This post will help you with that: How to Play Guitar? Get Started Fast and Free!

Also, if you want more easy songs to master, check this post out: 70 Easy Guitar Songs for Beginners from Every Genre (With Tabs and Chords).

Teemu’’the play easy songs’’ Suomala

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