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Here, you’ll find a comprehensive collection of reviews and guides of the best electric guitar brands in the market. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, our expert analysis and insights will help you make the right decision that saves you money, time, and nerves when it comes to choosing the perfect electric guitar. From iconic brands like Fender and Gibson to up-and-coming names, we’ve got you covered. So, dive in and discover the world of electric guitars!

Best Electric Guitar Brands

This article took years to make. Check out DL Shepherd ranking his top 6 electric guitar brands in the world!

Charvel Electric Guitars

Versatile sounds that suit rock and metal extremely well, fast playability, and high quality…that sums up Charvel electric guitars. Check them out…

Epiphone Electric Guitars

Epiphone electric guitars are not just budget copies of Gibsons. They offer unique models, extremely good sounds, and great quality across the board.

ESP Electric Guitars

Aggressive modern metal sound, smooth playability, and awesome models from budget to high-end price points…that’s what ESP guitars are all about.

Fender Electric Guitars

Fender electric guitars offer smooth playability, versatility, and bright iconic tones. What else you can want?!

Gibson Electric Guitars

Gibson is still going strong in 2023. Gibson electric guitars offer legendary options from around $1000 prices to pure high-end electric guitars.

Grestch Electric Guitars

Gretsch has been the top-dog when it comes to semi-hollow and hollowbody guitars for years. And still, no matter if you are on a budget or want premium quality, Gretsch guitars are a excellent option.

Ibanez Electric Guitars

Smooth playability, great models for every budget, and versatility, that’s what Ibanez electric guitars are about.

Jackson Electric Guitars

Jackson guitars offer mean metal tones, shredability (yes, new word), and high value for the money.

PRS Electric Guitars

PRS is one of the most popular and well-respected electric guitar manufacturers today…and for a good reason. Extremely versatile sounds, easy & fun to play guitars, and high quality from budget to premium models.

Schecter Electric Guitars

Schecter has been around since 1976, and to this day, their line-up includes some of the best metal & shredding electric guitars on the market. Guys like Synyster Gates use Schecter’s for a reason…

Squier Electric Guitars

Let’s face it…back in the day, Suiqer electric guitars were not that good. But that was back in the day…nowadays their lineup includes affordable but excellent models for almost every player. Some claim that Squier electric guitars can beat the Mexican-made Fenders…or even the American ones…

Yamaha Electric Guitars

If you are after an extremely awesome value for the money or are a beginner, we strongly recommend you check Yamaha electric guitars out.