Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus-top Pro Review 2020 – Before You Buy

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I’ve had a lot of experience with this guitar… my childhood friend owned(probably still does) this guitar, and I managed to get my hands onto this guitar quite often back in the day. Let look closer at this axe…

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus-top Pro specs:

Body type: Solid wood

Body wood: Mahogany

Neck wood: Mahogany

Neck shape: SlimTaper D

Scale length: 24.75”

Truss rod: Yes, standard

Fretboard material: Rosewood

Fretboard radius: 12”

Number of frets: 22

Nut width: 1.68” (43mm)

Pickups: Probucker 2 Humbucker (neck), Probucker 3 Humbucker (bridge). Both passive pickups with coil-split feature

Pickup switch: 3-way

Bridge: Tune-o-Matic

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Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus-top Pro Review


With 2 humbuckers(ProBucker 2, and 3), this axe produces a really warm and rich tone. I love humbuckers because these give the sound more power and emotion. 

Mahogany body and neck also affect the end results, usually by providing warm and thick tones, and this is true with Plus-top Pro too. But I never notice this guitar sounding flat, dull, or too dark.

This guitar sounds full, detailed, and well balanced. Plus-Top Pro offers you enough attack when the dirty riffs are played without sounding too harsh when soft clean parts are performed.

If you grave some spanky tones, this guitar has a coil-split feature, so you can make it sound more like a strat. It’s not the same, but this is definitely a nice plus.

The great variety of tones this guitar provides ensures versatility. You are never going to be stuck inside only one or two genres with this guitar.

Enough about my opinions, let’s hear how this sounds so you can make your own mind:


Fretboard radius is 12 inches, so there is a less curve than in most Starts ant Teles. This makes moving your hand around the fretboard really smooth and easy. It also helps you to play faster and more accurately, especially if you are a beginner.

The neck shape is Slim-D, and that makes things easy. The neck feels really smooth and it’s easy to hold your fret hand and thumb in a correct way because of this shape. Your correct thumb placement allows you to have good access to all the frets.

Action is spot-on. No need for adjustments in my case, and adjusting the action according to your preference with the truss rod is easy.

The shorter scale length than in electric guitars in general also makes this guitar a little bit easier to play because the string tension is lower. This makes moody blues and aggressive metal bends easy.

All these things make this Les Paul really easy and comfortable to play. It’s great for people with small hands too, after all, I was only a teenager when I first laid my hands onto this guitar, it was way easier to play than my own beginner Harley Benton Stratocaster, and back then my hands were even smaller than now.

But there is a one con that is typical for single-cut guitars. Some lower strings are hard to reach below the fret 15, this is also called ”limited upper fret access”. But the higher strings below the fret 15 are surprisingly comfortable to play.


Quality is really high for the price. Slight roughness around the edges of the fretboard is noticeable, but other than that, I personally can’t really complain about anything else.

The overall finish is great, and the guitar can hold up great in harder use too. Overall built quality is excellent for the price. Tuners are also solid, this one stays in tune fairly well and is easy to tune. 

Some users have said that they have been facing some issues with the pickups after years of playing. This is rare but it happens sometimes(of course, this can happen with almost any guitar.)


I love how this one looks, especially with the ‘’Heritage Cherry Sunburst’’-color. Absolutely stunning.



  • Slim D neck shape makes playing easy
  • Action is spot-on out of the box
  • Awesome thick and warm humbucker sounds
  • Shorter scale length(less string tension), makes playing even more comfortable
  • Coil-split function adds versatility
  • Beautiful guitar


  • Slight roughness in the edges of a fretboard
  • Some low string frets below the 15th frets are hard to play(limited upper fret access)
  • Sometimes issues with pickups after years of playing

This one can also do almost everything, but it’s ideal for blues, and jazz in my opinion. Great for rock and metal too. Awesome sounding and comfortable to play. I definitely highly recommend this guitar.

It’s made for people looking for a versatile and high value for money single-cut guitar, that has 2 humbuckers with a coil-split. Good looks and great sounds are some of its key features too.

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What is the difference between the Epiphone Les Paul Standard and Plus top?

There are 2 main differences, first, the different pickups. Plus-top Pro has Probucker 2 Humbucker at the neck and Probucker 3 Humbucker at the bridge. Les Paul Standard has 2 Alnico Classic humbuckers. The Epiphone Les Paul Standard 50’s is even a different one with 2 Proprietary Humbuckers.

Plus-top Pro pickups also have a coil-split feature in them, this adds a ton of versatility into your game. I think that this pickup difference is a bigger one for the player. Versatility and clearer/fuller sound of Plus-top Pro makes it a better choice in my opinion.

The second difference, as the name Plus-top reveals, is the Carved Maple top below the body wood. The Plus-top, has this feature, while the Standard doesn’t. This doesn’t affect much(if at all), into the tone, but it definitely gives the guitar a different look.

Also, both these guitars have different color options available.



Great All-Rounder – Fender Player Telecaster HH

This one is an excellent all-rounder with one of the best split-coil tones I have heard. This guitar is even more versatile than Plus-top Pro and offers you beautiful Telecaster looks. Modern C neck shape ensures easy playability. I definitely recommend that you check this guitar out. 

You can read my full review of this guitar here: Fender Player Telecaster HH Review 2020 – Before You Buy.

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Spanky Budget Option – Squier Classic Vibe ’50s Stratocaster

I tried this out in a music store nearby a while back. I compared lots of different Stratocasters there and I think that this one is a lot easier to play than most Fender Stratocasters. And this Squier didn’t lose much to the higher-priced Original Fender Stratocasters sound and quality-wise either. 

This axe is a great option for small-handed folks, and for people who are looking for a high value for money guitar with spanky Strat tones.

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If You Want to Play Metal – ESP LTD Deluxe EC-1000

I tried this for the first time in a music store nearby, and it has been one of my favorite guitars since. This guitar is just gorgeous. It handles everything, but it’s made for heavy riffing. A pleasure to play and listen. High-quality riff monster for metalheads. That sums it up.

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In my opinion, Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus-top Pro is the best single-top guitar for its price. It offers you high value for money, it’s fun and comfortable to play, it sounds great, and it’s versatile. If you value all these things, I highly recommend this guitar for you.

I hope that this review helped you out! If you have any questions, leave a comment down below. Feel free to share this post too.

I wish you all the best and keep rocking!

Teemu Suomala

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