40 Guitar Amps With Switchable Wattage – And My Favorites

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Looking for an amp that can serve you well in your bedroom/apartment and in larger venues? A guitar amp with switchable wattage might be just what you need.

I have been using an amplifier with switchable wattage for a while now…I fell in love with Blackstar HTR series tube amps (I don’t currently own one) and my current workhorse, Boss Katana 50 Mkii has 0.5W, 25W, or 50W options. It’s so convenient. You can play loud if you want, but you can practice in your bedroom with just barely bearable volumes but still strong distortion.

And because of my love for guitar amplifiers with switchable wattage, I was happy to put together this article listing most of the available amplifiers with power level control for you. If you have any questions, check the FAQ section or leave a comment.

Let’s get started!

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40 Guitar Amps With Switchable Wattage

If you are in search of an amp with switchable wattage, tons of features, versatility, and a computer app that makes playing with the settings easier (Catalyst Edit), Line 6 Catalyst 200 might be the right amp for you. It’s an all-around solid workhorse and can handle any kind of music and almost any situation.

Price Range Icon Meanings:

$= $149-299

$$= $300-599

$$$= $600-799

$$$$= $800-1199

$$$$$= $1200-

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ModelAmp TypeWattage OptionsPrice RangeCheck Current Price (affiliate links)
Harley Benton TUBE5 Celestion – Cheapest Guitar Amp With Switchable WattageTube1W or 5W$Thomann*
Monoprice 5-Watt Guitar Combo Tube AmplifierTube1W or 5W$Amazon
Bugera T5 Infinium 5-watt Class-A Tube HeadTube0.1W, 1W or 5W$SweetwaterThomann
Harley Benton TUBE15 CelestionTube1W or 15W$Thomann
Bugera V5 Infinium – Best Budget Tube Amp With Switchable WattageTube0.1W, 1W or 5W$SweetwaterThomann
Boss Katana 50 MKII – Best Overall Solid State With Switchable Wattage Transistor0.5W, 25W or 50W$SweetwaterThomann
VOX Valvetronix VT20X – I Had A Ton of Fun With ThisRead The Full ReviewTransistor with preamp tube0-20W$SweetwaterThomann
Vox Cambridge 50Transistor with preamp tube1W-50W$SweetwaterThomann
Boss Katana 100 MKIITransistor0.5W, 50W or 100W$$SweetwaterThomann
Boss Katana 100 Head MKIITransistor0.5W, 50W or 100W$$SweetwaterThomann
Line6 Catalyst 200 – Tons of FeaturesTransistor0.5W, 100W or 200W$$SweetwaterThomann
Boss Katana-Artist MkIITransistor0.5W, 50W or 100W$$SweetwaterThomann
Blackstar HT-5R MkIITube0.5W or 5W $$SweetwaterThomann
Boss Nextone StageTransistor0.5W, 20W or 40W $$SweetwaterThomann
Marshall DSL1CR – Low Wattage Marshall Tube AmpTube0.1W or 1W$$SweetwaterThomann
Roland Cube Street EX – Great For BuskingTransistor10W, 25W or 50W$$SweetwaterThomann
VHT Special 6 Combo UltraTube0,5W-6W$$$Thomann
Blackstar HT-20R MkII – Best Overall Tube Amp With Switchable WattageTube2w or 20W$$$SweetwaterThomann
Orange Dark Terror Amp Head – Great Tube Amp Head With Switchable WattageTube7W or 15W$$$SweetwaterThomann
Orange Rocker Terror Amp Head – Great Tube Amp Head With Switchable WattageTube7W or 15W$$$SweetwaterThomann
EVH 5150III LBXII 15-watt Tube HeadTube3.75 (1/4) or 15W$$$SweetwaterThomann
Marshall Origin 20C ComboTube0.5W, 3W or 20W $$$SweetwaterThomann
Marshall DSL5CR – Low Wattage Marshall Tube AmpTube0.5W or 5W $$$SweetwaterThomann
Hughes&Kettner TubeMeister Deluxe 20Tube1W, 5W or 20W$$$$SweetwaterThomann
EVH 5150 Iconic 40W ComboTube10W or 40W$$$$SweetwaterThomann
Orange Rocker 15Tube0.5W, 1W, 7W or 15W$$$$SweetwaterThomann
Boss Nextone Special 1×12″ 80-watt Combo AmpTransistor0.5W, 20W, 40W, 60W or 80W$$$$Sweetwater
Marshall DSL40CRTube20W or 40W$$$$SweetwaterThomann
Fender Tone Master Twin Reverb – Fender Amp With Switchable WattageTransistor1W, 5W, 12W, 22W, 40W, 85W or 200W$$$$SweetwaterThomann
Roland Blues Cube Artist – Premium Solid State RolandTransistor0.5W, 15W, 40W or 80W$$$$SweetwaterThomann
Orange Rocker 32 – Best Premium Tube Amp With Switchable WattageTube15 W or 30W$$$$SweetwaterThomann
Orange TH30H Amp Head – Premium Tube Amp HeadTube7W, 15W or 30W$$$$SweetwaterThomann
Blackstar St. James 1 x 12-inch 50-watt Tube Combo AmpTube2W or 50W (and SAG)$$$$$SweetwaterThomann
Revv G20 20/4-watt Tube HeadTube4W or 20W$$$$$SweetwaterThomann
EVH 5150III 1×12″ 50-watt Tube Combo AmpTube1W-50W$$$$$SweetwaterThomann
Marshall Studio Vintage SV20HTube5W or 20W$$$$$SweetwaterThomann
Marshall Studio Classic SC20CTube5W or 20W$$$$$SweetwaterThomann
Marshall Studio Vintage SV20C ComboTube5W or 20W$$$$$SweetwaterThomann
Mesa Boogie Recto-Verb 25 1×12 Combo – Mesa Boogie With Switchable WattageTube10W or 25W$$$$$SweetwaterThomann
Mesa/Boogie Mark Five:25 Tube Combo Amp – Mesa Boogie With Switchable WattageTube10W or 25W$$$$$SweetwaterThomann

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3 Best Guitar Amps With Switchable Wattage – My Favorites

Best Budget Tube Amp With Switchable Wattage – Bugera V5 Infinium

What I like

  • Big bass response from the Celestion A-type 12-inch speaker
  • Redesigned preamp circuitry improves tonal depth
  • “Fat switch” pumps up your low end and gain
  • Tube amp tonality in a low-watt combo
  • 3 power settings to take you from practice to mini gigs
  • Basic controls and on-board Reverb

What I don’t like

  • Single tone control limits versatility (no 3-band EQ)

Who is it for?

If you are after an affordable tube amp that is suitable for home use and has switchable wattage, Bugera V5 Infinium is one of the best options. Sure, the lack of 3-band EQ is a bummer, but you still get solid versatility and great-sounding tube tones, especially when you keep the price of this thing in mind.

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Best Overall Solid State Amp With Switchable Wattage – Boss Katana 50 MKII

image displays Boss Katana 50 Mkii

What I like

  • Versatile as amp comes (especially with the app)
  • Excellent metal tones
  • Easy to use
  • Switchable wattage makes this BOSS a great bedroom amp (loudness-wise)
  • 5 great sounding ready presets
  • Loud, rich, and room-filling open-back sound

What I don’t like

  • The BOSS app is not the simplest to use
  • Not the most attractive amp look-wise
  • Different amp modelers would be awesome

Who is it for?

BOSS Katana 50 MKii is the best guitar amp under $500 to me (I’ve owned one for almost a couple of years now). If in search of simple usability, excellent all-around tones, full sound, and tons of available effects in the app, BOSS Katana 50 Mkii is my go-to solid-state amp with switchable wattage.

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Best Overall Tube Amp With Switchable Wattage – Blackstar HT-20R MkII

What I like

  • Very clean, clear, sparkling, and articulate sound
  • Excellent for classic rock
  • With pedals can provide amazing distorted/overdriven tones (MXR M193 GT-OD is an excellent pedal choice)
  • Easy to use
  • Can choose between 2W and 20W power (can be played pretty quietly)

What I don’t like

  • Requires pedal for heavier stuff

Who is it for?

If you are after a mid-priced tube amp with switchable wattage with crystal clear cleans and crunchy rock riffs, this Blackstar delivers. But what about heavier stuff? It’s true that this amp requires a pedal for really mean riffs, but the sound you can get with a pedal…it’s outstanding (I have used MXR M193 GT-OD with this). Blackstar HT20R is the best guitar amp under $1000 to me.

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Best Premium Tube Amp With Switchable Wattage – Orange Rocker 32

photo displays Orange Rocker 32 30W

What I like

  • Half Power mode for reduced volume, great for in-home playing
  • 2×10 speaker layout with stereo effects capabilities
  • Two channels: clean and dirty
  • Super-versatile — jazz, rockabilly, blues, country, rock, metal, etc.
  • Can be very loud, up to 101dB

What I don’t like

  • No EQ on the clean channel
  • Pictograms designating each control knob; no words — takes getting used to

Who is it for?

If you are in search of a relatively small tube amp that still packs a punch, handles a great variety of genres well, and is a good choice for guitar players who are looking for an overall versatile amp, Orange Rocker 32 is a rock-solid option. It’s easy to use, and provides crystalline cleans, with glimmering highs & sultry lows, and offers dirty tones that handle stuff from crunchy fuzz to metal.

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What Guitar Amp With Switchable Wattage Means?

displays a Boss Katana 50 MKii  Switchable Wattage and power level settings
Here you can see the power control of the Boss Katana 50 Mkii solid-state guitar amplifier. By flipping a switch, you can choose between 0.5W, 25W, and 50 Watts of power.

If you can switch the power level & wattage of an amp, this means you can adjust the output wattage of the amplifier. Usually you’d do this by flipping a switch or by pressing a button. All this enables you to tap into the full distortion and other tonal qualities of the amplifier without loud volume.

Switchable wattage is most commonly used with tube/valve amplifiers but can be found from transistor/solid-state amps too.

Are Guitar Amps With Switchable Wattage Worth it?

If you want the ability to alter the power and in some sense the loudness of your amp without losing the tone and distortion, a guitar amp with switchable wattage is most likely worth it for you. I personally enjoy playing my Boss Katana 50 Mkii with full distortion, 0.5W power setting, and apartment-friendly volume.

Pros and Cons of Guitar Amps With Switchable Wattage


  • You can practice at home with small-apartment-friendly volumes and small wattage, but you can still unleash the full power when needed
  • You can easily adjust the wattage according to the environment, training partners, band members, etc.
  • Switchable wattage doesn’t really add extra cost to the price of the amplifier


  • Many guitar amps don’t have switchable wattage, power level settings, or attenuator

How Many Watts is Enough?

This depends completely on your situation, needs, and playing environment. Personally, I have never needed more than 25 Watts during my home-guitarist journey. You can get help on choosing the right wattage from this guitar amplifier wattage guide I wrote.

Conclusion on Guitar Amps With Switchable Wattage

Some real gems. Amps from budget and bedroom-friendly tube boxes to versatile solid-states to powerful stage-worthy tube amplifiers. Amp for almost everyone and to almost every situation.

I hope this article helped you out, and maybe you even decided to get one of the amps featured. If you have any questions, leave a comment, I and the GND team are here for you.

Now go, my son, and Rock!

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