If you are

  • a beginner
  • want to learn how to play the electric guitar
  • and love rock, hard rock, and metal…

This is For You!

guitar habit

HOW TO Learn The Guitar. Faster. Easier. And Definitely.

The Guitar Habit: Proven Framework That Leverages Human Nature and Practically Forces You To Learn The Guitar

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You'll Discover

Know What You Need to Do

I'll Reveal #1 Thing That Determines How Amazing You Will Be With The Guitar

Make Real Progress

Learn DCR-Method That Increases Your Skill Level Day by Day

get control

Start Using My 3 Minute Warm-Up Routine That Unlocks The Full Speed and Reach of Your Hands

Learn Key Techniques

6 Game-Changer Riffs That Enable You to Play Faster, More Comfortably, and With More Confidence

It's simple, easy to understand, but powerful. It's the foundation that you need if you want to master the guitar.

If you want to get things right from the start and make sure that you master the guitar, The Guitar Habit is for you.

*Joining the wait list only means that you want to learn more via email.

photo reveals owner of guitaristnextdoor.com

Teemu Suomala

I have been playing the guitar since 2009. I have heavily focused on electric guitars and rock music. I'm here to help you to kickstart your guitar journey and to make real progress. Let's roll up the sleeves and get things done!