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Justin Thomas

Title: Content Uploader

Started Guitar Playing: 1986 (age 12)

Writing About Guitars Since: 2022

1. Highlights

  • Building and managing CMS solutions since 2007 including WordPress, Joomla!, and Magento
  • Presently managing over 15 websites including a number of his own
  • Speaks HTML, PHP, CSS, SQL, VB, C++, jQuery and Guitar

2. Experience

  • Creating, editing, and managing content for a wide variety of businesses, including Luxury Boats, Luxury Villas, Luxury Super Yachts, Hygiene Services, Testing Solutions, High Quality Food Products, Homes and Gardens, Fashion and more.
  • Enjoys playing guitar, gaming, home automation, home cinema, cooking, brewing (beers, ciders, and wines), and being with his daughter

3. Education

Extensive and education on:

  • HTML, PHP, CSS, SQL, VB, C++, jQuery
  • cPanel, WordPress, Joomla!, Magento, CMSMS

4. Favorite Gear and Current Guitars & Gear

Favorite Brands:

  • Jackson Guitars
  • Gibson Acoustics
  • Ibanez Semi Acoustics

Current gear

  • PRS SE Paul’s
  • Hamer Centaura
  • Gibson Melodymaker 1959 with Lollar P90 neck position
  • Taylor GS Mini
  • Ovation Celebrity
  • Ibanez Electro-Acoustic Mandolin
  • Kala Koa Ukulele
  • Boss Katana 100 mk2 including pedal switches and expression pedal

5. #1 Moment as a Guitar Player

My little girl’s face the first time she heard my guitar amplified.

6. Favorite Genres and Bands


  • Rock
  • Electronica
  • Jazz
  • Metal
  • Blues
  • House
  • Disco
  • 80s
  • Rap
  • Grime
  • Dubstep
  • anything high quality really!

Favorite bands (Do I have to do this? There are so many great bands!)

  • Underworld (Karl Hyde is massively underrated as a guitarist)
  • Iron Maiden (just because they never ever miss a beat live, never!)
  • Little Dragon,
  • Janes Addiction (is Dave Navarro actually the greatest rock guitarist of all time? Three Days, I’ll leave it there)
  • Zero 7 (best production levels ever known?)

7. Current and Past Projects & Bands

It has been a long time since I was active in a band. Since being a family man it has been pushed aside. There is a discussion for a cover band locally in the expat community. Just trying to get people together for the first jam. Who knows?

Articles Justin Has Uploaded: