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Tyler Connaghan

Title: Writing

Started Guitar Playing: 2005 (12 years old)

Writing About Guitars Since: 2019

Tyler Connaghan is a guitarist, singer, producer, composer & engineer based in Los Angeles, California. Tyler has been playing the guitar since 2007. In between writing for guitar publications, he produces music for film and television. His favorite axe is his custom Pelham Blue Fender Perfomer Stratocaster.

Expertise: music industry, producing, acoustic & electric guitars, songwriting

Bachelor of Science in Music Industry Studies, Music Industry

1. Highlights 

  • Full-time writer, producer, and guitarist living in Los Angeles, CA
  • Bachelor’s Degree in music from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles
  • Numerous music production credits in TV and film, including Disney, Vice, ESPN, and more.

2. Experience

I began touring and playing with various bands directly out of high school before attending the music program at the University of Southern California, where I learned everything about the music business. 

It was around that time I discovered my love for music production, and after interning for various studios, including EastWest and Sony, I found myself at a boutique production studio in North Hollywood, CA, called Killingsworth Recording Company.

It was here that I’d plant my feet in the world of sync and create a career as a writer and music producer. 

Beyond my work in TV and film, our studio developed DRAG: The Musical, which would turn into a month-long live show at the Bourbon Room in Los Angeles with stars such as Nick Adams, Joey McIntyre, and Alaska. The show, which I am one of the guitarists for, is set to travel abroad in the next year. 

3. Education

Beyond my degree in music and my decade-long career as a producer and musician, I’ve long had a love for writing. I’ve written and developed content for several music and guitar websites, including eMastered, MusicRadar, Humbucker Soup, Mubert, Integraudio, and many more. 

4. Favorite Gear and Current Guitars & Gear

Favorite Gear – Fender American Performer Stratocaster and Supro Keeley Custom 10

Current Guitars

  • Squier Classic Vibe 60s Thinline Telecaster
  • Gibson SG
  • Fender Acoustasonic
  • Fender Player Mustang Bass
  • Taylor 214ce Acoustic 

Current Amps

  • Music Man Sixty-Five 212 Tube Amplifier
  • Kemper Profiler Stage

5. #1 Moment as a Guitar Player

Selling out opening night of the Bourbon Room for DRAG: The Musical in Los Angeles

6. Favorite Genres and Bands

Favorite Genres – Indie, Neo Soul, Country

Favorite Bands – Skinshape, Grizzly Bear, Skinshape, Emily King, Midland, The Beatles (DUH!)

7. Current and Past Projects & Bands

Current Projects –

  • Yukkon
  • Vinyl Motel
  • Joy Pageant

Past Projects & Bands

  • Attic Empire
  • Wayfarers

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