Mitchell MD150PK Electric Guitar Launch Pack Review 2020 – Before You Buy

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This Mitchell MD 150PK Electric Guitar Launch Pack is not so popular as it is from a smaller company. But might it still be a good option? Let’s find out.

I didn’t find any sound demos of this guitar from the internet. That is a bummer. If you are going to buy this one I recommend that you find some way to hear how this sounds.

Pack includes:

  • Mitchell MD150PK guitar 
  • Acoustic Micro-Lead amplifier
  • gig bag
  • guitar strap
  • guitar cable
  • DeltaLab CT10 clip-on tuner
  • Extra set of strings
  • Picks

Tuner and an extra set of strings are nice to have!

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Mitchell MD150PK Electric Guitar Launch Pack Review


Mitchell MD150PK comes with 2 Ceramic Humbuckers. Ceramic means that these mics are made from ferrites. Usually, Ceramic Humbuckers produce a colder and more rough sound than regular humbuckers. So if you love that warm regular humbucker sound, this might not give you just that(it’s of course possible to change the pickups). But these pickups still provide warmer sound than single-coils.

So the sound of this guitar sits somewhere in the middle of humbucker and single-coil mic. You can find a lot of videos where these two are compared. And that can give you some idea of what Mitchell MD150PK sounds like(sits in the middle).

When I went through user reviews about this guitar I didn’t found any complaints or praises about the sound of this guitar. That leads me to think that the guitar sounds OK.

It’s super hard to find sound demos of this guitar, so I really recommend that you go and test this one out at the local music shop before you buy it.

Ease of play

There is one con with the playability: the frets are sharp, because of that playing can hurt a little. Again, you can get that fixed in a local guitar store or use steel wool or fret files to do it yourself(be careful).  

The nut width is 1.7”(43mm), so the wider than in Stratocasters. This can make playing with small hands a little bit harder. Fretboard radius is 13.75, so only a slight curve is noticeable, this makes moving your fingers around the fretboard easy.

The shape of the neck is C, it’s great for beginners, it’s really easy to wrap your fingers around it.

This guitar has 24 frets, so the neck is slightly longer because of this. This also adds more sound options for the player.

Overall, this guitar feels pretty nice. You can definitely get started with this axe. But in my opinion, it loses, for guitars coming with Yamaha, Fender, and Epiphone starter packs playability wise. But on the other hand, you can usually find this Mitchell Launch pack at a smaller price.


Nowadays guitar packs are of decent quality. This is no exception. There are no people complaining about how this falls apart after a short period of time. This guitar also stays in tune fairly well. 

But I think that this guitar pack loses on the quality when you compare it to the Yamaha, Fender, and Epiphone starter packs. Again, you can find Mitchell pack for the smaller price.


Modern Stratocaster comes to my mind when I look at this. Mitchell MD150PK has two color options, black, and sunburst. In my opinion, the sunburst definitely looks the best. But still, I’m not a huge fan of the looks of this guitar.


The pack comes with Acoustic Micro-Lead – amp. Aaand It’s 15Watts! A little bit more power than in some starter packs! Definitely a nice bonus.  The amp is made by Acoustic, well-trusted brand that has been manufacturing solid amps for years.

And in a matter of fact, I was surprised by this amp. Many users say that they really like it. Some even say that you could easily perform with it in a small place. It has a nice clean tone and distortion is dirty and alive. A solid amp for the price.

Plus you can plug headphones to this one too. 


Picks are solid for beginners. I personally use these picks: Dunlop Max-Grip Nylon Jazz III, the best picks out there in my opinion. I recommend that you try out those at some point.

The cable is a basic guitar pack cable, in good and bad. Worth replacing in the future.  This post helps you with that: Best Guitar Cable Under $20 in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide.

Extra set of strings is a nice bonus, but the quality of these strings is not the best.

The strap is kind of weak. I found no one saying that it breaks easily, but still, it feels kind of weak. Be careful with it.

I found out that the tuner works quite well. Of course, it’s not the best tuner out there, but there is nothing huge to complain about.

Gigbag is really thin and feels cheap. It doesn’t protect the guitar much(maybe from little scratches). But I would like to have at least a little bit more protective bag with a starter pack.



  • Different look
  • Quality is decent
  • Amp is actually pretty good for the price
  • Extra set of strings
  • Guitar tuner works well
  • 24 frets, you have more options when playing


  • Different look
  • Gigbag is kind of bad one
  • Frets are too sharp
  • Ceramic humbuckers are a question mark
  • No sound demos available

Different looking guitar with a nice amp and tuner. Guitar is OK. But there are some questions floating over it. How good is the sound really? Are the ceramic humbuckers a good option?

I like buying guitars online, but I think that you should really look this one into your hands and test it yourself, because you can’t find any sound sample from the internet. I prefer other starter packs, but this might be a good option for people looking for a pack with a solid 15W amp and 24 fret guitar.

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The Best Starter Pack  – Yamaha GigMaker EG Electric Guitar Pack

If you want comfortable to play guitar that sounds and good, and you also need an amp that is full of punch, Yamaha GigMaker is my go-to option. All the aspects of this pack, except the guitar cable are really strong, and the price is not too bad either.

I think that Yamaha GigMaker pack offers more value for money than Squier Affinity Stratocaster Pack, that’s why I think it’s better for beginners.

You can read my full review of this guitar pack here: Yamaha GigMaker Electric Guitar Pack Review 2020 – Before You Buy.

This guitar pack has been available for 10 years. The reason is this: they got it right for the first time. At it has been a high-quality pack since then.

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Runner-Up – Squier Affinity Stratocaster Beginner Pack

If you are more of an original Stratocaster guy or gal, this fender pack is also a solid option. It’s the second-best option for beginners in my opinion.

Fender is known for its great guitars that are a pleasure to play. And for a beginner, this Squier pack offers some of that Fender magic. Great sounding and easy to play guitar, solid amp and 3-months Fender play learning for free.

You can read my full review of this guitar pack here: Squier Affinity Stratocaster Beginner Pack Review 2020 – Before You Buy.

Yamaha GigMaker pack is better in my opinion because it offers more value for money(this Squier pack is around 70 bucks more expensive).  But this pack is still a good choice.

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Best Les Paul Pack – Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar Player Pack

If you are into heavier stuff, or you just love Les Paul- type guitars, this is a solid choice. The guitar is easy to play, and sounds great. You should still note that upper fret access is a little bit worse with Les Paul-type guitars, and this is no exception. But still, crunchy riffs and rock solos are made for this guitar.

An amplifier that comes with this guitar is slightly worse than amps coming with Fender and Yamaha packs, but this pack is still a great option for Les Paul and metal lovers.

You can read my full review of this guitar pack here: Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar Player Pack Review 2020 – Before You Buy.

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Mitchell MD150PK Electric Guitar Launch Pack is not my go-to option. The guitar is not as good as with some other packs, and you can’t find any sound demos from the internet to hear how it sounds to you. On the other hand, the guitar is not bad, and the amp is a great one. I recommend that you find this into your hands and try it out before you buy it.

Starter packs are a really good option for beginners. If you want to learn more about starter packs, check out these posts I made:

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I hope that this post helped you out! If you have any questions, leave a comment down below and feel free to share this post too.

I wish you all the best and keep rocking!

Teemu Suomala

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