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Orange Crush 20RT Review – Before You Buy

photo displays Orange Crush 20RT

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Want to achieve amazing Orange tones on a budget?

Look, lot’s of super-successfull artists use Orange to hit the jackpot with their tone. Artists like:

  • Steve Harris(Iron Maiden)
  • Jim Root (Slipknot)
  • Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin)
  • Brent Hinds (Mastodon)

They have chosen Orange amps….but should you?

I bought Orange Crush 20RT a while back and spent several weeks with it. Played with. Tested the cleans, the crunch, and the distortion.

This post reveals all that I found out about this budget Orange amp.

Let’s find out if Orange Crush 20RT is the right amp for you!

reveals owner of

Author: Teemu Suomala

Playing guitar since 2009. Mainly focused on electric guitars, although plays acoustics too. Started this blog in January 2020.

Orange Crush 20RT Review

Summary(If you are in a hurry)

One of the best rock amps under $200 in my opinion and my favorite solid-state for this price range. Great from classic-, to modern rock.

Enough features, simple to use, and everything sounds at least solid. Good option for

  • Orange fans
  • Players looking for a budget orange-amp
  • Players looking for a budget amp
  • Beginners

You can watch my full in-depth video review of Orange Crush 20RT too:

Orange Crush 20RT Specs and Dimensions

Power: 20Watts

Amplifier-type: Solid-State

Speaker:  8″ Voice Of The World

Channels: 2

Controls: Gain, Overdrive Select Switch, 2xVolume(for clean and dirty channel separately), Treble, Middle, Bass, Reverb, Tuner On/Off

Effects: Reverb

Inputs: 1/4 Instrument Cable, 1/4 Footswitch Jack, 1/8 AUX-Cable,

Outputs: 1/4 Headphone-output

Weight (I measured this): 15lbs (6.8kg)

Overall Look, Feel, ad Quality

On this department, this 20RT really shines!

Basket weave vinyl of the amp itself and woven speaker cloth that covers the speaker look stunning in my opinion.

In matter of fact, all aspects of this amp look/feel great:

  • control-knobs
  • hieroglyphs of the control panel
  • logo
  • and even the backside

Look at this yourself!

Of course, if you don’t really like the looks of Orange-amps, the cosmetic-side of this amp might not be for you.

But overall, the feel and look of this amp are something that I would wait from an more expensive amp.

This feels and looks like an real Orange-amp. This feels and looks like an more expensive amp.

And when it comes to overall quality and durability…

Quality is great in my opinion. The looks and feel of this proved me that.

And I would except this amp to last long. Feels really durable, a real ”working-man’s” amp in my opinion.


This amp gives you all that is really needed from beginner/practice amp.

You get:

  • Separate volume for both channels(makes switching between clean and dirty tones easier/faster, because you don’t have to set the volume again every time)
  • Gain to strengthen the signal/add distortion(works with the dirty channel only)
  • 3 band EQ to shape your tone(Treble, Middle, and Bass). Not the most effective EQ(not so versatile) on this price range, but not bad by any means
  • Reverb(make the sound seem to continue even after you have stopped playing, but not for so long that it’s a ”Delay-effect”)
  • Chromatic tuner
  • Nice looking Vintage-styled channel switch(I really love the looks of this)

You can dial in all tones needed for practice with these features(at least in my opinion)

And reverb is nice to have.

Because otherwise, this amp would be too basic in my opinion. Now you have more options, and with reverb, the lead tones of this amp really shine.

I especially loved the options with fast rock/metal lead-type tones and overall rock tones.

You might think: why there is no gain for clean channel?

And to be honest, I wonder that too… It feels alien for me too.

But on my testing, this didn’t limit my tones and playing, because you can get nice low-gain crunch tones with the dirty channel. That kind of tones you usually get with clean channel gain set all to way up.

But with this Orange, it’s just a little bit different this way… The clean channel is just for cleans. The dirty channel is for crunch and distortion.

As I said, this didn’t limit the tones for me.

Overall, as a solid-state, I like the features of this.

But I just can’t state that this has to best features on this price range….not even close! (Fender Mustang LT25 and VOX Valvetronix 20 offer a lot more.)

If you are not after amp that gives you 15 different effects and dozens of tone presets(like Fender Mustang LT25), and don’t want to spend 15min dialing the knobs before you can play, the features of this amp will fit you well!

When it comes to conecctions, you get

  • Input for instrument cable
  • AuX input to jam with backing tracks and your favorite songs
  • Headphone output(note that it’s a 1/4-output(you might need an adapter if you are using regular headphones with a 1/8 sized connector))
  • Plus you have the option for footswitch because of the FS-jack at the backside.

Connection wise, all looks solid. Only thing that I would change, would be size of the Headphone output. 1/8 sized would be more handy.


This amp is super-easy to use!

Basic 3-band EQ, Volumes, Gain and Reverb. Doesn’t seem too confusing for me.

And the fact that you get both, Orange symbols and regular explanations for what each knob do makes things even easier.

All is clearly presented and works smoothly. There is really not much else I can say about the usability of this Orange!


Let’s tackle the clean tones first!

I’ll star wit not-so-good things…

Cleans of this amp are pretty basic. Not bad, but not great either.

The problem is: cleans lack brightness and crispiness a little bit. These can sound a little bit dull sometimes.

For example with Marshal lMG15FX (solid -state at this same price range), cleans offer you more.

But, these cleans don’t suck by any means! Not bad, but not great. And with reverb, you can make clean tones of this amp a little bit more interesting.

Cleans for rock, punk and metal will go just fine with this amp. For blues, it lacks some crispiness that I really value.

But stuff like, Jazz, Funk, and Country are not the best music to play with this amp in my opinion.


With crunch, this Orange can give some blues-groove for sure…and classic rock, rockabilly are in the comfort zone of this amp too.

For crunch I had to use the dirty channel with low-gain. And while the EQ-board is not the most effective for tone-shaping, I enjoyed the crunch that this has to offer.

I think that one of the best tones of this amps are in the gray area between crunch and distortion. These are the tones why some folks love Orange amps.

A little bit fuzzy, a lot of energy and attitude.

I played a lot of my own blues/rock/metal-kind of riffs with these tones. And I had a blast!

Can Orange Crush 20RT Handle Distortion/Metal?

For most Rock-music, the distorted tones of this amp are great! Maybe my favorite rock-amp under $200.

And also for Punk, awesome tones!

Again very energetic, in-your-face type-of tones.

So for most rock and punk stuff, the distorted tones of this amp are great…

Bu what about metal?

This amp can handle metal, but Crush 20RT is not an metal amp in my opinion. Especially for older metal, like Metallica’s Ride The Lightning-album type tones this amp is solid.

It’s starting to be a little bit too fuzzy for most metal stuff, but it’s definitely not unusable. Really growly, mean, and dark metal tones are not very good with this amp. Too fuzzy.

But, the lead metal/distorted tones of this amp are awesome in my opinion. I had a lot of fun when shredding with this amp. Sound is clear and articulate, and the slight fuzzy tone didn’t bother me at all.

But it’s better that you listen the sound demo I made with this amp and decide yourself!

Here’s a little graph that reveals some genres and songs that are good fit with this amp in my opinion:

Value for Money

So you get:

  • Basic features plus reverb effect
  • Great rock tones
  • Solid Cleans
  • Solid Distorted tones
  • Simple usability
  • Great looks and quality
  • Tuner

For this price, there is no way that I could say that value for money with this amp is bad.

You get great bang for you buck in my opinion!


Orange Crush 20RT is a real rock-box!

From classic-, to modern rock, this amp is one of the best options under $200, and definitely the best solid-state rock amp under $200.

It doesn’t give you a lot of features or versatility, but the quality is high and everything works and looks well.

I had really fun time playing this!


Is the Orange Crush 20RT a tube amp?

No. Orange Crush 20RT is an solid-state/transistor amp.

Are Orange Crush amps good?

Orange amps good in my opinion. They offer unique tone that no other amp offers.

Tones are full of attitude, energy and have a little spice of fuzz in it. Tones are great for punk, rock, and for metal.

What are Orange Amps best for?

Cheaper orange amps are not the best for really heavy stuff, but for rock and punk…just awesome!

But most orange amps are really good with metal too. After all, bands like Slipknot use Orange Amps

Where are Orange Crush amps made?

Most of the cheaper Orange amps like TH- or Crush-series are mad in China.

Orange Crush 20RT is made in China. Here’s the proof:

Orange Crush 20 vs 20RT

The main difference between these 2 is the tuner and reverb.

Crush 20 doesn’t have a reverb plus tuner, but Crush 20RT has both, reverb and tuner.

Personally I would go with Crush 20RT. Not because of the tuner, but because of the reverb.

Reverb is used in so many songs, and you can add a lot of versatility into your playing with it.

Even though 20RT is a little bit more expensive (usually $25-$40), it’s well worth the money.

Orange Crush 20RT cover

I personally don’t own a cover for Orange Crush 20RT. But it’s really great if you:

  • are going to store it for a little bit longer
  • you have pets or kids running around the house
  • or you just want to keep your amp free of dust, scratches and bumps when you are not busy playing it

I found this cover for this amp, I have not tested, but on the sales page they clearly state that it works with Orange Crush 20RT:

DCFY Guitar Amplifier Cover Compatible for Orange Crush 20RT | Black...
  • PROTECT YOUR Orange Crush 20RT Guitar Amplifier With...
  • CUSTOM MADE - We Don't Believe in 'One Size Fits All'....
  • CHOOSE FROM Our Premium Light-Weight Nylon...
  • NO FUSS CLEANING & MAINTENANCE! Just Wipe Down With a...
  • Reinforced amp handle opening. Sewn w/ industrial...


Best Amp Under $200 In My Opinion – Fender Mustang LT25

Check out my Fender Mustang LT25 Review!

This amp is:

  • Super-versatile
  • Easy to use
  • Sounds great
  • Gives almost endless tone options with the Fender Tone app

The best amp under $200 really. Especially for beginners.

I would choose Orange Crush 20RT over this only

  • If you just like 20RT’s tones more
  • Want an Orange Amp
  • Want a solid-state amp
  • Want super simple usability

Great Modeled Tube Tones – Vox Valvetroix VT20X

VOX VT20X gives you:

  • Great modeled tube tones
  • Looks like an more expensive amp
  • Sounds great
  • Versatility

It doesn’t give

  • Really easy usability
  • Orange tones

It’s a great digital amp, if you are interested about tube amp-tones, and want a lot of versatility. For beginners, Orange Crush 20RT is a better option because of the easier usability.

But I still own this amp and it’s a great one, better than Orange Crush 20RT for me. Really good value for the price and I can get to know those amazing modeled tube tones.

Best Portable Under $200 – Roland Micro Cube GX

Roland Micro Cube offers amazing versatility with 7-different amp types and great tones. It’s durable and protable. Plus, it’s loud enough for small performances and busking on calm/quiet places.

Fender Mustang LT25 and VOX VT20X offer more versatility and better clean & crunch tones, but with distortion, Micro Cube GX can compete with these bigger amps in my opinion.

And yep, it’s more versatile and better with cleans and metal-tones than Orange Crush 20RT.

But Crush 20RT has those Orange tones and it’s better with rock music.

I currently own this amp too. It’s really easy to use and gives me everything I need when I practice.

This amp has only 1 con…

Micro cube has only 1 tone knob, this limits your tone shaping, but it’s no deal-breaker for me.


This is not the best amp udner $200 in my opinion. But this is still a great one. And the best solid-state amp under $200 in my opinion.

Awesome for rock, and gives you great shred tones too. Plus, distortion anc clean tones are usable too. I had a blast playing this!

Hopefully this post helped you to decide if this amp is good option for you! If you have any question, visit my Youtube-channel and ask in the comments!

I wish you all the best and keep rocking!

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