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Ovation guitars have been around for over 50 years and they continue to produce high-quality, smooth playing, and great-sounding instruments.

But gladly Ovation guitars also recognize that people come in different budgets with varying needs. And that’s why Ovation offers something for everyone – from the budget-conscious beginner to those who want top-of-the-line quality at any cost.

Also, based on Guitariste Next Door’s own Darren’s experience, Ovation guitars really shine when plugged in. He has played several Ovations during his career and that’s why he was the perfect man to write this article you migh want to check out: 5 Best Ovation Guitars in 2021 – Are You Ready for Aerospace Technology?

In this guide, we list most of the Ovation guitars available in November of 2021 and the lowest prices we could find at that time(this guide will be updated frequently).

Let’s go!

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Guitarist Nex Door’s Ovation Expert: DL Shepherd

You can spot Darren’s favorites from this price guide.

Darren has been playing guitar for over 23 years. He fronted the metal band Suddenly Silence in the early 2000’s, and also achieved recognition as an award-winning bluegrass guitarist.

A native of southwestern Virginia, and has shared the stage with many big-name acts from various genres. When he is not playing one of his many guitars, he can be found riding his Harley through the mountains of Virginia.

Ovation Guitars Price Guide


All prices listed here can be different than the current prices on online retailer’s sites!

$200-$499 (USD) Ovation Guitars

Applause AE44-4S Mid-depth is one of the most popular low-priced Ovation guitars:

ModelCheapest List Prices Found in November 2021Check Current Price (affiliate links)
Ovation Applause AB24-4S Mid-depth$310 (USD) – £287 – 340€Sweetwater Thomann
Ovation Applause AB24-5S Mid-depth$329 (USD) – £299 – 358€ SweetwaterThomann
Ovation Applause AE44-4S Mid-depth  $339 (USD) – £304 – 361€ SweetwaterThomann
Ovation Applause AE44-5S $349 (USD) – £325 – 386€SweetwaterThomann
Ovation Applause AE48-1I Super Shallow $349 (USD)Sweetwater
Ovation Applause AB2412II-5S Mid-depth $359 (USD) – £332 – 385€ SweetwaterThomann
Ovation Celebrity Standard CS28 $399 (USD)Sweetwater
Ovation Celebrity Standard CS24-4 Natural Mid Depth – Darren’s ”Best Beginner Ovation”-pick$419 – £374 – 459€ SweetwaterThomann
Ovation Celebrity Tradition CS24-RR-G Mid-Depth$429 (USD) – £385 – 474€ SweetwaterThomann
Ovation Celebrity Standard CS24-5 Mid Depth$429 (USD) – £372 – 453€ SweetwaterThomann
Ovation Celebrity Standard CS24C-4 CS Mid-depth Classical$469 (USD) – £394 – 484€ SweetwaterThomann
Ovation Celebrity Plus CS28P-RG Super Shallow$489 (USD) – £422 – 518€ SweetwaterThomann
Ovation Celebrity Elite CE44-4 Mid-Depth – Darren’s ”Best Budget”-pick$489 (USD) – £397 – 484€ SweetwaterThomann
Ovation Celebrity Elite CE48-1 Super Shallow$499 (USD) – £405 – 498€ SweetwaterThomann

$500-$999 (USD) Ovation Guitars

It’s awesome that Ovation also produces plenty of lefty models. Ovation Elite Celebrity CE445L Mid-Depth for example:

ModelList Prices Found in November 2021Check Current Price (affiliate links)
Ovation Celebrity Standard CS24P-FKOA Mid-Depth $519 (USD) – 444€ Sweetwater
Ovation Celebrity Plus CS28P-KOAB Super Shallow – Darren’s ”Best For Electric Players”-pick$519 (USD) – £399 – 539€ SweetwaterThomann
Ovation Elite Celebrity CE445L Mid-Depth Left-handed$529 (USD) – £479 – 585€ SweetwaterThomann
Ovation Celebrity Elite CE48P-RG Super Shallow $539 (USD) – £444 – 544€ SweetwaterThomann
Ovation Celebrity Elite Plus CE44X-9B Mid-Depth $549 (USD) – £444 – 544€ SweetwaterThomann
Ovation Celebrity Elite Plus Bass CEB44X-7C Mid-Depth $549 (USD) – £444 – 544€ SweetwaterThomann
Ovation Celebrity Elite CE48P-KOAB Super Shallow $549 (USD) – £325 – 386€ SweetwaterThomann
Ovation Celebrity Elite CE48P-KOAB Super Shallow $559 (USD) – 489€ Sweetwater
Ovation Celebrity Elite Plus CE44P-FKOA Mid-Depth – Darren’s ”Best Live Performer”-pick $619 (USD) – £488 – 598€ SweetwaterThomann
Ovation Mod TX Mid-Depth (1778TX-5-G) $815 (USD) – £645 – 798€ SweetwaterThomann
Ovation Mod TX Super Shallow (1868TX-5-G) $815 (USD) – £659 – 799€ SweetwaterThomann
Ovation Mod TX Deep Contour (2078TX-5-G) $815 (USD) – £692 – 843€ SweetwaterThomann
Ovation Timeless Balladeer Deep Contour (2771AX-5) $979 (USD) – £799 – 990€ SweetwaterThomann
Ovation Timeless Elite Mid-Depth (2778AX-5) $999 (USD) – £899 – 1099€ SweetwaterThomann
Ovation Timeless Legend Nylon (1773AX-4) $999 (USD) – £825 – 999€ SweetwaterThomann

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$1000-$3000 (USD) Ovation Guitars

Guitarist Next Door’s Darren gave the Ovation Adamas MD80 the crown of the best Ovation guitar of 2021:

photo displays Ovation Adamas MD80
ModelList Prices Found in November 2021Check Current Price(affiliate links)
Ovation Timeless Balladeer Deep Contour 12-string (2751AX-5) $1064 (USD) – £855 – 1055€ SweetwaterThomann
Ovation Timeless Elite Deep Contour 12-String (2758AX-NEB) $1099 (USD) – £1043 Sweetwater
Ovation Adamas MD80 Cutaway Mid-depth Contour (MD80-NWT) Darren’s #1 Pick for The Best Ovation Guitar in 2021 $3999 (USD) – £3399 – 3990€ SweetwaterThomann
Ovation Adamas I GT Cutaway Deep Contour (2087GT-8) $4999 (USD) – £3999 – 4748€ SweetwaterThomann


Ovation guitars are great instruments. They are unique, fast-playing, and sound good. Especially when plugged in.

And the best thing is that there’s a great Ovation out there for all different budgets. So choose the right one for you and start jamming with your smooth-playing Ovation guitar!

Hopefully this price guide helped you out, I wish you all the best and keep rocking!

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  1. Greg keyton

    I have a ce778 custom elite that I’m looking to find the value of. Any help would be appreciated…thanks

    1. Teemu Suomala

      Hi Greg!
      I found a couple selling on Reverb for a bit under $1k. Beautiful guitar by the way!
      Thank you for commenting!

  2. Barry Levy

    Looking for the value of my Guitar Center 30th Anniversary, 37/50 custom elite. Any help would be appreciated, thanks

    1. Teemu Suomala

      Hi Barry! I think you can at least find some expired listings from Reverb. Those can give you some indication 🙂
      I wish you all the best!

  3. Rich Lowe

    Price of 30th anniversary Book Elite acoustic electric mint condition???

  4. Lance

    I have an Adamas Ovation, Black wiht Copper flake, Non -Cutaway With Ovation hardshell case! Like new can you give me a rough idea of the value

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